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Back and Forth, Up and Down, and the Parts of Lyme I'd Rather Not Talk About

First step is not beating yourself up when you can't seem to do a darn thing.

Second step is taking note of how you feel, whether it be angry, sad, irritable, excited, motivated, or even emotionless. After you've taken note of how your feeling, stop, and be sure not to dig too deep. Simply feel it out and recognize that much of what your feeling (if negative) may be your body telling you that it's working through something, or (if positive) that it's ready to take on something new, whether that be taking time for yourself, or diving into a new project; don't be afraid to give it your all. 

Lastly, however you're feeling, be sure to give yourself plenty of positive reinforcements. Living with a chronic illness, or any kind of hardship, can cause a kind of imbalance that brings up emotions so strong you either want to run full speed towards them with the fear they may not last, or full speed away with the fear that they may never go away. 

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Taking Note Of The World Around Me

That the way I think things should be, and the way things are, are different. For example: I have Lyme, and I wish I didn't - among other things...

I continually find myself working towards goals, dreams, ideas, projects, practices, and habits that all fall under the realm of, "things I'll do when I'm better." Or rather, "things I'll actually be good at, able to accomplish, and follow through with when I'm feeling like myself again." When I'm no longer sick.

It's as if, without realizing it, I can't ever give it my all because I have already decided in the back of my mind that it's not possible. That the things I wish to do can be started, but not finished until I'm, well, healthier, stronger, braver, and more "secure" than I am now...

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