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Taking Note Of The World Around Me

That the way I think things should be, and the way things are, are different. For example: I have Lyme, and I wish I didn't - among other things...

I continually find myself working towards goals, dreams, ideas, projects, practices, and habits that all fall under the realm of, "things I'll do when I'm better." Or rather, "things I'll actually be good at, able to accomplish, and follow through with when I'm feeling like myself again." When I'm no longer sick.

It's as if, without realizing it, I can't ever give it my all because I have already decided in the back of my mind that it's not possible. That the things I wish to do can be started, but not finished until I'm, well, healthier, stronger, braver, and more "secure" than I am now...

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Terrified of Losing That "Creative Spark" While Fighting Lyme Disease

I am terrified.

Terrified of losing my ability to create. To write. To take the many expressions of myself and plaster them against blank page after blank page, with the signature cup of tea steeping for far too long beside the clicking of my keyboard.

Since arriving home from our trip to Europe, I haven't been able to bring myself to write, at least not in the way that my expectations had set for me.

I told myself, with all of this new found wisdom and inspiration, that I would be able to write for hours each day, effortlessly sharing moments past, but the truth is, my mind is having none of it...

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Real Talk

I often wonder who I would see, how I would feel, and what I would say if I came face to face with myself.  

Would I see a girl that doesn't give enough, isn't smart enough, or is too flawed to feel worthy of the life she has been given? Would I see someone lost, weak, and full of fear? Or, would I recognize her truths? Feel the effort that she has given to live a life based off of the positive, not the negative?

Yeah - I would. I would, or at least I'm going to tell myself that. I'm going to tell myself that because whether or I believe it, it's true. 

One small shift in the way you think will cause a ripple of change into every single aspect of your life.

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