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The Parts You Don't See: What It's Like Living With, Loving, and Fighting Alongside Someone With An Invisible Illness

I have a hard time letting people in,And this includes the people closest to me. Now, that's not meaning to say that I don't tell them what's going on in my life, because I do! I really do, but rather, I shield the parts of me that I worry will scare them into thinking I will, like so many times before, fall. 

That I will climb to the top only to come tumbling back down, barreling past where I stood just moments before. 

This is what living with an invisible illness feels like, at least to me anyways; not only does it - at times - consume every part of your body and mind, but it also weighs heavily on the lives of the people that care and love for you. The people that look at you with eyes filled with hope, determination, and confusion as to why you aren't getting better. As to why we keep finding ourselves circling back to this very moment again and again. As to why everything we do doesn't seem to work in the way "they" said it would...

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