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Where Inspiration Is Pulled From: A Holiday Guide to This Years Favorite Makers, Impactful Books, Adventures as a Gift, Why We Should Keep Sending Letters, and Ways in Which a Little Can Go a Long Way

My initial thought was to simply call this a Holiday Gift Guide, but for some reason, that alone just didn't feel right.

You see, I've been wanting to put together a collection of companies, people, books, activities, and what not, that have been part of my inspiration and creative process for the past long while. 

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A Little Life Update: On Moving Closer to the Truth, Working Alongside the Uncomfortable, and Settling Into More Than Lyme

It's quite late on a Wednesday night, and most certainly far past the time that I told myself I would be going to sleep, but something, most likely my gut, told me I should sit down and write this, otherwise I'm not certain any sleep would take place. 

I've been a little absent, and maybe even distant from this community. You see, it was unexpected: I had a plan and was on a roll, moving what felt like seamlessly from one moment and one post to the next: adventures, stories, and sharing the inner workings of my mind? Easy! I was making it work, crossing of my to do's, and even tossing in a handful of workout sessions here and there.

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On Processing Painful Information, Allowing Yourself To Feel + Moving Forward In A Way That Works For You

And like the wave retreats back into the ocean, uncovering forgotten treasures, weathered stones, and marine life eager to once again dive beneath the depths, here I am, standing in front of every thought I had promised to let go, moments and memories I had stowed away for a different life, a life that I would never have to face.

I look down at my hands, they're shaking.

I then place my hands on my heart, it's throbbing. 

I close my eyes and dive into my thoughts, they're screaming, lost, and disoriented. 

How did I get here? How do I face something so devastating that the thought of it sends me into a tizzy? Rather, a state of confusion seemingly impossible to come back from. The thing about these moments, the root of what makes them so difficult to process, is the feeling that they came out of nowhere. You think, these things, they aren't suppose to be happening. I mean, there is no way this could be true. Things weren't ever suppose to get this bad. 

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This Is Where I am Right Now, and That's Ok. Navigating Expectations + The Pressure We Put On Our Future Selves

Holding off. Stepping back. Looking at the opportunities in front of me at a different angle, with my eyes wide and heart full of simple moments. 

Moments spent with the ones I love, in the places that encourage us all to thrive at a pace that works in harmony with where we are right now, rather than trying to catch up with the expectations that we hold over ourselves. That we carry with us with us no matter how many times we try to shoo them away. 

Part of me is terrified of where I am right now. Part of me wants to drop my responsibilities and run as fast as I can in towards a stress-free, doubt-free, and pain-free place. But, the part of me that keeps digging. The part of me that remains curious, knee deep in ideas and half finished projects, that's the part of me I want to stick with.

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Terrified of Losing That "Creative Spark" While Fighting Lyme Disease

I am terrified.

Terrified of losing my ability to create. To write. To take the many expressions of myself and plaster them against blank page after blank page, with the signature cup of tea steeping for far too long beside the clicking of my keyboard.

Since arriving home from our trip to Europe, I haven't been able to bring myself to write, at least not in the way that my expectations had set for me.

I told myself, with all of this new found wisdom and inspiration, that I would be able to write for hours each day, effortlessly sharing moments past, but the truth is, my mind is having none of it...

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