The Wellness Divide, Why More Than Lyme, and What’s Been Brought to the Surface Since Beginning to Offer 1:1 Mentorships

More Than Lyme Real Talk

Here’s a little candid introduction paired with a reading of today’s Real Talk…

This chat took an unexpected twist sparked by an email.

It was 7am, I had just finished writing the newsletter for the morning, and there it was. An email that pushed me to ask myself, “why am I choosing to show up in this way?” And maybe more importantly, “why now,” in deciding whether to offer a service (specifically the one-on-one sessions) through this platform.

At first, I wanted to shut it all down. I wanted to create a 100% discount. I wanted to run away and hide from what was surfacing. You see, money can be an uncomfortable thing to talk about, especially within a community where obstacles are seemingly everywhere, and not just that, but what we each have access to, our support systems, and the activities that our bodies and minds are able to do at any given moment.

But I stuck around. I let what was surfacing settle in, that is, after getting coffee with a wildly inspiring and uplifting friend. And sure enough, once my emotions had settled and coffee had been consumed, I knew that the place I would be responding from would be much clearer and calmer. Much more, me.

Here’s what was brought up—no doubt stemming from insecurities found within myself.

I was looking to make everyone comfortable, safe, and part of everything all the time.

And everyone is a lot of people, which is exactly why there are so many other companies, organizations, communities, and movements doing incredible and life-changing things, in order to make wellness and health care available to all, as well as a place to feel understood within and outside of our own unique experiences.

Because there is a divide. A divide that causes some to receive the treatment they need, while others go without. A divide that paints a picture of wellness that isn’t always attainable. A divide that can have a tendency to glamorize self-care, daily rituals, detox, and health regimes. That can lead to you believe that unless you have this, schedule all the appointments, and can do that particular thing twice daily, that it’s not enough.

And I hated to think that I was helping to paint that picture. That I was part of that process. That my reasons for being here didn’t hold true to why I decided to show up in the first place.

However, despite the sudden fears and uproar of doubts, I was certain of one thing:

How I got here and the drive that encourages me to stay, adjust, and make room for changes. Changes that are both terrifying and exciting, and smaller changes that not only take longer to transition through, but are painful, and often hard to show up for. But I do plan to keep showing up, even when the growing pains are often times unbearable, because that’s what being part of this community is all about.

We encourage just as much as we support.

We share our story just as much as we sit back and listen.

We hold each other accountable just as much as we make room for letting go.

We’re there, in whatever capacity serves each of us best.

Now, for a letter.

*Note: I did adjust it so that it could better fit into this context, that includes privacy & certain details. And though I went back on forth on whether or not I should be sharing it here, in the end I decided to go with—yes. Yes because I’m not sure I have ever written from this context on this platform. Yes because not sharing it would feel like erasing the first paragraph of this story.

“It's true, I have a wonderful support system, and for that, I am incredibly lucky.

And I knew that upon creating a space to offer my services from, that there would be that pushback, from myself, knowing that I wouldn't be able to be there for everyone. That what I was offering would be coming from a place of privilege both with chronic illness and besides.

Lyme has been part of my life since I was a little girl. It has shaped who I am and what I'm able to do, over and over again, and those things that are available to me now, weren’t always. But because of the way this illness has manifested itself in my body, moving it and pushing myself physically has at times been an option, in a way that it might not be for others.

Everyone in this community is coming from a very different place (holds true for every community, no matter the commonalities). From a situation that I will never be able to fully relate to, but my hope here is to at least try. Try without comparison or expectation, but with the understanding that what choices I have might not be there for you in the same kind of way. And to honor, recognize, and even celebrate what it’s taken for you to get from there to here and everywhere in between. 

And financially, I am coming from a place where money is not readily available. A place where I haven’t been able to work steadily because of the obstacles in front of me. Because of Lyme. Because I was very ill and very limited in what I could do, but after gaining back some health and stamina, I am wanting to make sure that I not only give back to this community in a lasting and fulfilling way but to those who have financially and emotionally supported me during a time when I couldn’t. And this, this is a way I see being able to do just that.

I suppose what I’m getting at is that the message and drive behind what I do, doesn’t only include those that can hike and travel and explore the outdoors regularly, but those that come up with their own form of adventure, always being sure to meet themselves where they’re at, whether it be a walk through the park, listening to a book on tape from bed, or if it’s available and something that their health allows, go for a hike. 

And the last thing I want to do is try to convince someone that the one-on-one sessions are what they need, because it might not be and it also might not be available to them because of the obstacles and limitations they face at this time. That said, I do always plan on having this community be a place where everyone who wishes to be here, no matter the physical, mental, and financial limitations, can have these choices and services, such as one-on-one sessions, available to them, seek out new opportunities, lean into endless encouragement, and find comfort from within.”

That’s all for now.

Thank you for either listening or reading along, I would love to hear your thoughts and how you feel about the wellness world. Are there any triggers that have come up for you?

Love always,