Here We Go: Thoughts On a New Year + The Expectations We Set For Ourselves

With the car door slightly ajar, snow in my boots, and the ice cold breeze wafting through without hesitation, I rid my socks of snow and tucked my legs beneath me while holding my coffee close. 

I'm in the middle of nowhere, a place I often come when my mind can't settle and my heart beats fast. To my left there is nothing but sagebrush and blue skies, and to my right the dark blue ridge line of the cascades props itself up above us all, naming itself the ruler of the land. This I do not disagree with; happy to be in a place so open and so free yet still kept safe by the mighty snow covered mountains.

Here, I can think, breath, let go of all expectations, and eventually ease my way back into the bustling world. Here, things don't seem so impossible. Here, there is no doubt in my mind that I will not only get better, but thrive while doing so (something I questions quite often). And after some time spent in my own world, I look over at Kona, sitting straight up with ears perked and eyes fixated on some furry little creature up ahead. Sometimes, I forget how lucky I am.

Yes, sometimes, the world caves in and I can't think or see straight, putting pressure on myself to preform at a level that just isn't possible, and never taking into consideration that maybe my body is asking for less not more. That maybe simply joys, like freezing my buns off in the desert instead of on top of a mountain, can and should be seen as something equally as victorious. Should be seen as healing in itself. 

So when I think I've let myself down by viewing today as a turning point for everything, and my ability to do it all isn't up to snuff, I have to remind myself that today is just another day. Yes, 2017 not 2016, but still another day. 

Another day to make changes, start that business, record a video, fight for your health, take that job, go to yoga, put on your hiking boots, or simply sit by the fire and reflect on how gosh darn amazing you already are. But no matter what you do, be sure to listen to your body and ask it what sounds good, because maybe doing absolutely nothing is what you need. 

Just listen, trust in yourself, and know that you are already more than enough, no matter how daunting or impossible things may seem. Not only have you got this right now, but you always have and always will.

None of this would be possible without you, not even close. So please, keep sharing your story #morethanlyme. We're now 10,000 strong!

Happy New Years, all.