Roll On Through: Embracing The Complexities and Our Own Unique Methods Of Healing

The clouds, dark and heavy against a white sheet of sky, move quickly over the dry summer hills and through to the next valley, bringing with it glimpses of blue sky.

Glimpses of hope, glimpses that things won't always be like this. 

It's true, sometimes I grow frustrated and begin to question whether or not I should keep pushing myself. Whether or not I should slow down and focus solely on my treatment; a constant battle in my head on whether or not I could be doing more.

The thing I've come to realize is that, and just like most other things, I won't heal in the same way you will, just as you won't heal in the same way she or he will.

Just as this disease is complex, so are we. 

So are the many ways we choose to spend our time between doctors visits, exhaustion, days of being stuck in bed, intensive treatment, and, well, everything else that comes with living with a chronic illness. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is, however your choosing to heal right now is ok. It's all part of the process, and often I find that time in between is just as valuable as the time spent being treated. In fact, that time is a key part of the healing process. For me, this can be found in nature. This can be found by painting at sunrise, unexpected road trips, yoga by the river, family hang outs by the pond at Tuckaway farm, and coffee made and consumed beneath the cool of a summer's morning. 

Your way of healing, just like mine, is beautiful, unique to you and only you. You can share your healing methods, knowing that even though other's may vary, there is a chance that someone reading, hearing, or watching it could get something from it. Could take parts of your blue sky and immerse it into theirs. After all, this is how we can dig deeper. This is how relate, learn, and build off of each other. This is how we thrive amidst the chaos. This is all a part of how we heal. 

For that is your glimmer of hope. Your glimmer of blue sky behind the darks layers of heavy cloud.

Hold onto it, and be sure to run with it when you can. You are capable of a great many things; even when you feel at your worst, there will always be that glimmer of curiosity of what's around the next bend that has brought you this far.

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