Fresh Alpine Air, Blue Skies, and Sleeping Under The Stars. On Being Intentional.

Hike to No Name Lake, Oregon
Recently, I've noticed that I rarely leave myself room for spontaneity, for little adventures, for the dirt, wild flowers, and idea generating blue skies. For the simple things that I love so dearly. 

Why? There is a chance that, due to my rather serious demeanor and need for "productivity" even when I'm not feeling at my best,  that I am a workaholic. That even though I recognize and so often crave the presence of the wild, I have a hard time letting go. I have a hard time letting myself do anything other than work - using "work" as a broad term here. 

Now, this constant need to "work" might also come from my not so wonderful track record of past jobs, where much of the blame weighs heavily on Lyme and the limitations it brings. That until I can feel secure on all levels, I can't slow down. 

Ironically, the answer to this debacle might just be the very thing I think I shouldn't do. Might just be a little more spontaneity and a little less structure (which I realize could be one of the biggest challenges yet). A little less screen time and a little morenature-fueled curiosity. 

Now, this can be in moderation of course as I can't ever see calling myself 'spontaneous', but I do think that a little more of it can't hurt. That a little more of it might actually help carve out new ideas and opportunities for the work that I love doing. 

We must allow ourselves to recharge; even if that means taking five minutes out of our day to reconnect with the things we love. 

For me, this means taking a step back, breathing in crisp alpine air, and sleeping under the stars, which is exactly what I ended up doing last night in the company of Adam, an aqua blue lake, and a broken mountain peak dancing with sunbeams. 

Lyme often scares me into thinking that I'm not strong enough, capable enough, or able enough to exert myself in ways that result in confidence not weakness or disappointment; I love hiking, exploring, and challenging and pushing my body to do things out of my comfort zone, but with my diminished energy and the often debilitating symptoms, I stop myself before the option to do something like that even arises. I stop myself and dive head first into every other thing I can think of just so I don't have to miss it. Just so I don't have to compare the old me to the new me. Even though there is no such thing. Even though the new me is simply layers of the old me. 

The thing is, when I face these challenges with an open mind. With the idea that maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to do it, more often than not, I surprise myself.
Simply by showing up, I am allowing for new waves of creativity, confidence, and experiences that can help to shape a future around positivity rather than doubt and fear. 

So, with all that being said, you can expect a lot more adventure's, both big and small, from me, and I hope from you too. Because you can. You absolutely can.

Lot's of exciting new projects, updates, stories, and apparel headed your way! Not to mention...

TWO NEW ADVENTURE POSTS! Oh goodness, there is so much to be thankful for. 

Thank you for reading, warriors. You all amaze me.

With wild flowers and curiositiy,