Why We Should Encourage Not Compare. On Leaning Into Our Fears + Sharing Our Story

From a distance,

something can often seem difficult, harsh, or intimidating. From a distance, our eyes become fixated on all that we have yet to do. On the massive wall that we have yet to find our way over. 

We were on the road by 3:30am winding our way through narrow valley roads scattered with lambs sleeping beside their mothers, the soft sound of music from the stereo encouraging us to stay awake.
The sun was just beginning to rise as we pulled into the trailhead, quickly filling our stomachs with an apple and bar before heading up the rocky path towards the sleeping stone giants. 

I remember looking up and feeling incredibly small and powerless against their massive presence, but instead of having this feeling weigh heavy on my shoulders, I basked in its humbling light; here I was, heart beating heavy in my chest, legs strong and steady against the earth, and eyes, hopeful, looking up at all that is yet to come. 

Yet recently, I keep finding myself standing at a distance, at the base of whatever it is I need to conquer, doubting my capabilities and fearing what I don't know instead of looking at it with curious eyes and a willing heart.

We shed our layers as the sun rose heavy against the green rolling hills, silhouetting the lambs now frolicking amongst the scattered piles of stone.Quietly we sat there, basking in the early morning light, surprised that this usually damp and cold place, was keeping us warm at 6:30am. 

Yes, the future is will most certainly bring terrifying and painful moments, but it will also bring us more joy than we ever could have imagined. After all, our lives are far from stagnant; we are, and always will be, balancing between the moments past and the moments yet to come. The moments filled with fear and the moments filled with warm early morning light. 

And what works for you, may not ever work for me, just as what makes me happy, may never make you happy, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't look towards others when we're feeling lost or scared, in fact, I say we should! We should swap stories, share past adventures, and plan future ones.

We should ask each other questions that we are scared to ask.

We should share our fears, our dreams, and our failures. We should share the parts of us that want to stand at distance. We should open up and reveal to the world just how real these feelings are, and in turn, normalizing these open conversations where we often feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.

Only then can we can encourage and guide each other through our fears, our doubts, and the illness that hides beneath our skin. It's only then that we can lean into and navigate our lives with open hearts and wide eyes, ushering in what we don't know, while being humbled by what we do.

With one foot steady in front of the other, we began to make our way back down the trail. I looked up at Adam, who, per usual, was at least ten paces in front of me, and smiled;
Here we were, on this wild adventure together, cheering on the parts of us we are so often scared to face. The parts of us that tell us to stand at a distance rather than lean in close.

Let us speak our reality and share our story #morethanlyme

With Love,