On Forgiving and Finding Compassion For Moments In and Out Of Our Control

I have this tendency to hold onto moments or feelings that I wish could have been different; hands wrapped tightly around regret over things no longer in my control. So, I ask myself now, what is the purpose of this? What good is it doing besides causing more pain? 

It's as if I take every fear of mine, and measure it up against myself worth.

For me, striving for happiness is, and always has been, about learning, growth, and compassion. About taking your always changing self, and loving it with every fiber of your being. 

Forgive Yourself For...

The days when getting out of bed, let alone getting out of your head, aren't possible. 

When your mood changes rapidly, anxiety kicks in, and it all feels like too much.

The moments when you let fear, angst, and anger take hold of the unknown.

Those moments when you didn't feel ______ enough.

When you suddenly change or bail on plans for what seems like the hundredth time.

Saying no when you really meant yes (or the other way around).

When you grow irritated with every little thing, even though you know it will be ok.

When you feel the need to be someone other than who you are right now.

All the comparisons you've made to your "old" self, and those around you.

I am starting to think that my need to find reasoning behind every single moment, both good and bad, is preventing me from letting go. Preventing me from taking the emotions that I've been dealt for the day, and being okay with them. Being okay with feeling a bit irritated, sad, anxious, or even over-excited. After all, striving for happiness is not about "getting over" strong and often negative emotions, but rather, learning to not just live, but to thrive amidst them. 

Five Get-In-This-Moment Ideas:

Set down your phone and pick up a book, one that you've been meaning to read for awhile now.

Put on some music (to taste) and grab a journal, notebook, or piece of paper, and write down a few of your favorite childhood memories, and ways in which you can incorporate them into your life now. 

Take a detox bath (lavender + epsom salts are a must) while you watch your favorite Netflix show.

Stop whatever it is your doing and call up a old friend, new friend, relative, neighbor - anyone! It's amazing how quickly we can feel better when we not only share, but listen to what is going on in the lives of the people that surround us. 

Immerse yourself in nature, whether it be on your back porch in the sunlight, next to a new succulent or plant, or if you're feeling up for it, going for a leisurely walk around your neighborhood. It's amazing what a little sunlight and greenery will do. 

Wrap your arms around the good days, lean into the wild, crazy and adventurous days, and nurture the painful days.

Above all, try to be as patient, kind, and compassionate as you are towards others, towards yourself. 

With Love,