Putting Your Whole Self Forward Amidst the Setbacks of Living with a Chronic Illness



Rather than the bits and pieces of yourself that you deem worthy. Rather than hiding those "un-worthy" pieces beneath the surface of uncertainty, doubt, and the fear of whether or not you will be accepted as a whole, by yourself, and those around you. 

It's terrifying, yet at the same time exhilarating, believing that you can do it. That you can take what feels like a broken body and mend it together with hope, strength, and a determined mind. YOU can do it. YOU can put your whole self forward and be seen as something incredible, by you, and those that surround you. Those that love, honor, and support you no matter what.

Of course, there will be those moments of defeat, where the last thing we want to do is continue to push through, but we must (after a nice long pause of course). We must pick our whole selves up, collect the pieces that have fallen, and continue to share our story. 

You are so much more than. So go ahead, share your story #morethanlyme.

My Best,