Terrified of Losing That "Creative Spark" While Fighting Lyme Disease

I am terrified.

Terrified of losing my ability to create. To write. To take the many expressions of myself and plaster them against blank page after blank page, with the signature cup of tea steeping for far too long beside the clicking of my keyboard.

Since arriving home from our trip to Europe, I haven't been able to bring myself to write, at least not in the way that my expectations had set for me.

I told myself, with all of this new found wisdom and inspiration, that I would be able to write for hours each day, effortlessly sharing moments past, but the truth is, my mind is having none of it.

Instead if simply focusing on one or two things, my mind is bouncing between ideas, expectations, to do's, small projects, big projects, and half started projects. Not only am I limiting my time spent creating, but I might actually be viewing it as a waste of time. You know, since there are only so many hours (sometimes less) in the day where I am able to accomplish the things I wish to accomplish, that by the time I am finished worrying about all the many things I wish to do but haven't done, I'm too tired to do a darn thing.

What I need to do is start with one thing, even if that one thing is to stick with a supplement schedule, or spend at least 15 minutes a day writing. No "go big or go home" kind of deal, but rather spending less time on all the things, and more time on just one thing, deal.

If you'd like to follow along, or share some of your daily accomplishments (yes please!), I will be keeping you all updated here...

My Best,