It's Time For Some Real Talk

It's been awhile. A lot has happened no doubt, but in this moment it's hard for me to think of exactly what those things are, but that's ok because I'd rather meet myself right here. It's only fair...

Feeling a little less like myself today. Actually, scratch that. I've been "feeling a little less like myself" for the past couple years. Truth is, it comes and goes, but it never goes away. It's tiresome - and that is to say the least. 

I haven't written anything in awhile for that exact reason. Well, that and I'm scared. I'm scared of failing, of opening up, of making changes, of being okay with the me that I am right now. There is nothing wrong with sharing the good parts, in fact most days I push for that, but I also realize that in order for those positive thoughts to outweigh the bad, we've got to open up. We've got to let ourselves be seen. 

However, people with Lyme Disease aren't very good at this. 

What we are good at is continuing to live our lives; silently suffering from a debilitating illness. An illness that is so terribly misunderstood, shoved aside, and not taken seriously. 

This is a place where we can share our silence and make our voices heard. 

We can make a change and an impact through our voice, our truth, and our story. That all being said, this "Real Talk" segment of the More Than Lyme Community is a place we can share our moment to moment feelings, thoughts, doubts, and triumphs. 

Once a week, or maybe even twice a week, I will be posting a random feeling, thought, emotion, and/or frustration, with the hope that you will want to share too.

And seriously, anything goes. Anything at all. This disease is real, your feelings are real, and your sufferings are incredibly real. This is a chance to show more than just your immediate friends and family, just how real this disease is, all while connecting with people you can meet you exactly where you are. In real time, with real talk. 

We need to throw some Real Talk into the mix if we want to be heard. 

Sometimes it may hurt, but I am certain that in the long run, it will do a heck-of-a-lot more good than it will bad. Besides, I will most likely be spilling ALL the beans on all my past mistakes, adventures, shower musings, and of course my best "morning coffee" insights. 

Stay tuned! Let's talk soon.