Digital Pass: Second Annual More Than Lyme Event

Digital Pass: Second Annual More Than Lyme Event


We believe that community and in-person connection is the catalyst for a better you & a better world.

What you’ll get when you purchase the digital pass:

  • 4 videos of behind the scenes footage from our May 2019 event

  • A workbook so you can follow along & participate as if you were there

  • Opportunities to share your story & listen to others tell theirs

  • Lifetime access

  • Once you’ve purchased, I’ll be sending you a link with a login password to access the footage and whatever else you might need.

We would be so honored if you joined us digitally! You are just as much part of this community as those who came to Denver. Let’s keep a good thing going, shall we?

Important Information:

Use the code MORETHANLYMEEVENT for 100% off shipping if asked for it (since that’s not necessary here).

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