MTL Stickers

MTL Stickers

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Because we could all use a little something...

First, we have the logo, which all of you will (most likely) be familiar with by now. Size: 3" x 3"

Second, we are lucky enough to have the painting that Gianna Andrew's did for MTL this last Winter. Size: 3.08" x 4"

Coming soon is our polaroid sticker (special edition): To those of you who attended the event, there's a Polaroid sticker headed your way (by way of post)! & I will most likely make them available for all in a short while, so check back soon!

We will have a wider variety of single & bundle options as we continue to sort through photos from the MTL Adventure, but this seemed like a great place to start. 

NOTE: If you are ordering two or more, please specify at checkout what designs you'd like to be included!

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