A Little Holiday Card

A Little Holiday Card


A little something from us to you. A way to say thank you for being part of this community. A reason to pull out my new pens and tell you why. Why you are enough.

It’s simple, really, and all I’ll need from you is your name (or if you’re sending it to someone, their name) and address. Oh yes, and this little painting here will be on the front! How wonderful is that?

So if you’d like one to arrive in your mailbox sometime in the month of December, do click “get a letter” below and you’ll be prompted to share a few details so I can send it to you.

Just use the code: ALITTLEHOLIDAYCARD to make it free of charge, and I’ll send it to the address provided in your checkout information.

Shipping: & as far as the shipping option goes, just choose “A Little Holiday Card!”

All my love to you,


I'd love a letter