Windows and Wildflowers: From Yorkshire, England to Brighton, Cornwall, and Back Up Again

We only had a day in Brighton before heading even further south, to where blind corners make up every corner, wildflowers climb up rocks, along with vines and trees, as bunnies scurry beneath the underbrush and cream tea is had while overlooking a harbor with boats of every color and size. 

Charming, windswept, and absolutely perfect in every way. 

Coverack was the little coastal town we spent most of our time in, when not lounging in our little hut, drinking more tea, writing, and again, watching that show I'm reluctant to say I'm hooked on. Along with the explosion of wildflowers, I also fell in love with windows. The chipped paint and white stone. The way roses effortlessly curved their way around, up, and over the top of roofs.