An Unfolding Experience: Ten Days In Bali, Indonesia

Be sure to watch the video in HD!

We rented scooters, and while I was tempted by the idea of it, Julia drove and I clung on the back, popping my camera up now and again to capture the world whizzing by, dodging a monkey all the same. Temples, rice terraces, colorful doors, and food unlike anything you’ve tasted before, got us out of bed at sunrise, and crashing back in, letting the bustle of the streets outside, subside into a gentle hum inside, as we drifted off until morning.  

Aside from our scooter adventures, countless hours were spent wandering in and out of the markets, both early morning for the locals, and afternoon for us tourists. Fruits and vegetables were consumed by the fist full, books read, and even a massage had—my first one, ever!

In short, we were entranced and very aware of how quickly time was going by.