Less Than 24 Hours In The Desert, a Few Wrong Turns, and Thoughts On Knowing When To Get Out Of Your Own Way In Order To Do What You Love

To say yes when you think you should say no, no when you think you should say yes, and to take control of your adventures, whatever they look like to you, with the mindset that you have overcome this before, and this can and will help you overcome it again. And maybe most importantly, that throughout all of this decision making and mind wrestling, there is no right or wrong answer, facing your fears might never get easier but it will always be worth it, and you are far from alone. 

I climb back into my tent, temporarily leaving the dark of the sky for the rest that's found behind heavy eyelids, letting the light from the stars make their way into my dreams and through to the first light of morning, which happens to be at around 4 something? I'm not sure, I didn't end up looking at my phone so I cannot confirm. Regardless, I think it's safe to say that there wasn't much sleep to be had on this particular adventure.