Visual Diary: A Trip To Summer Lake

Steamed from waters so fresh and warm they left your skin feeling of silk and freedom. 

Fields of golden hues speckled with green sage and hidden pathways left you wandering for hours, mind on nothing but the crunch beneath your feet and dark clouds above your head.

The rough texture of the dried earth dissolves beneath your toes, leaving you with sand as soft as the back of a dogs ears; leading you towards a mindset that encourages you to run further, dance higher, laugh louder, dream bigger, and love, love, love, until you don't think you could love this world and these shared moments any more.

Alive and together, each taking in these treasured moments with our own twists and turns. With a perspective that can be shared, cherished, and held close to our hearts, stronger now that we have each other to lean on. 

Stronger now that we huddle in close, reminding our often anxious minds that no matter how far from each other we go, we will always have this place to call home. 

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Video filmed + created by, Chloe