There's Saying Yes To Life + There's Rain-Checking: Finding Clarity + Purpose Through The Backroads Of Bend, Oregon

Very Brief Introduction...

Wind whips through the buttons in my jacket, reminding me that the warmth of the car will now feel even better when we climb back in. The snow falls heavy, I take out my camera and put on my macro lens, hoping to capture the flakes just as Elli's breath creates clouds of shimmering light.

Even now, as I cradle these thoughts from the comfort of my bed, I can feel the tingling of freezing temperatures and the invigorating rush of enthusiasm for the simple things. The conversations, the comfort, the certainty of connection and the power that it holds. These adventures we had, from sunset, frozen toes, wool blankets, quick outfit changes, coffee shop recoups, pill popping, fire therapy, photo editing, doctor appointments, puppy snuggles, first encounters, IV treatments, snow covered horses, pink skies, and moon sets and sunrises, they all played their part in the process of things.

With one kind of adventure, the outward kind, my head whirls and dances between thoughts. However, nothing compared to the heaviness of the moments between. But you know, they're precious, these moments of deep reflection, and I certainly don't ever want to take them for granted. Why? Well, I figure that without one kind of adventure, the other is not given the room it needs to thrive.

With that, I welcome whatever is next, as I know that no matter what, it will bring me some kind of clarity and purpose. Thank you to Elli and the rest of this community, for being part of both.  

Video By Chloe, Full Blog Post + Photos By Myself + Elli