The Parts You Don't See: Lyme Disease Awareness + A Little Favor Of You

Though I often write about the hard moments, it's rare that I show you. It's rare that I allow myself to be seen doing something other than soaking in the outdoors. I'm not sure what it is, maybe fear or worry that I will somehow feel less than if I reveal what goes on between sunrise adventures, road trips, and fall picnics. 

But I think I may have already proved myself wrong as I ready myself to share this will all of you, because no matter how scary this is for me, I know that you will, and always have been, by my side through it all. I mean, let's be real, YOU all do nothing but encourage, support, and motivate me to let my voice be heard, and in the very least, I hope More Than Lyme does the same. 

A Favor Of You

With that said, we are in need of "behind the scenes" footage of goes on in between adventures. Rather, the pokes and prods, blood draws, pill popping, meditation, detoxing, IV - whatever treatment looks like for you - that allows us to continue to live a life more than. 

Any content you may have (can be video or photo, best when horizontal) can be emailed to

*hint: It's a lot like the video above but on a bigger scale