The End Of An Era: Leaning In Close To Life On Tuckaway Farm, While Trying to Adapt To Life Without It

You know that feeling that when you leave a place behind, it takes a part of you with it? Or rather, you leave a part of yourself behind. Well, I'm beginning to think that that piece is something you bring with you, that you are taking with you, in your very core, the many things that place showed you.

You are taking with you the way that place made you feel, and that in itself is more than enough to keep it's echo ever-present. 

No matter how lost I felt, or what stage I was at in my life, Tuckaway, and everyone that inhabited it, had a way of bringing me back home. You know, the kind of home that is always with you. The kind of home that can often go missing, feel distant, or disappear for a awhile, but in its own time, is found again. The kind of home that brings out the very best in you, and by that I mean, it reveals your truest self. Your whole self. A self that has been through a lot, but doesn't begin to think twice about giving up. A self that discovered her love for writing, desire for adventure, travel, and deep rooted longing to help other people to dust off, re-discover, or find for the first time, their own creative outlets. 

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Video Filmed + Created By, Chloe