I'll Take The Open Road: A Video About Artist Sheila Dunn

This video was done over three seasons, Fall, Winter, and Spring, to try and bring together everything that makes Sheila who she is. Though it is impossible to capture all of it, having been given the opportunity to follow this incredible lady around for months has helped to show me just how important creating, dreaming, doing, and working towards your best self is...

*Disclosure: Sheila does not have Lyme, but because she has been nothing but supportive, inspiring, motivating - and a few hundred other words to me since I first met her when I moved to Bend, I felt it was appropriate to showcase this on here. 

A few words by the lady herself:

Many years ago, I made a choice to “take the open road” and walk away from a future that felt secure, supportive and safe.

"I have questioned this decision more than once throughout the years.

Because it turns out the open road is full of breathtaking vistas & adventure, paid for only through bumps, potholes, unmarked exits and a hefty share of loneliness. It turns out that the line between running from something and running towards something else can be imperceptible. That there are moments when you would trade all the wind-blown freedom for some shelter & steadiness.

Then, somewhere along the road, your incredibly talented friend casually offers to film some of your work & life. And what you thought would be a short video becomes a revelation. A visual representation of the stirring you’ve been feeling deep down in your chest for a while now. That maybe, just maybe, you have actually arrived. That maybe you are right. where. you. need. to. be. That all the moments & days, the relentless work, the directionlessness & despair have all added up to something good. Something beautiful, even."

To see more of Sheila's amazing work, head to her website + Instagram, or come to Bend and you'll see it nearly everywhere! 

Song by the amazing, Postiljonen. Thank you for letting us create the video around this song!

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