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first, Let’s get familiar with the space

get a lay of the land

here is where you’ll go to first, get a lay of the land, and then, refer back to if you ever need help with navigating around the membership.

familiarize yourself with our “focus” for the month

By reading & downloading our monthly poem, painting, and letter. Also found in our gift bag.

Discover the core of this platform

And gain a deeper understanding of the trajectory that we will follow here. Of course, that’s not without occasional straying.

this month we’re taking a look at our narrative around self

& all the many ways in which we can learn to…



Let’s take a look at july, shall we?

July 1-7

july 8-14

July 15-21

july 22-31

 From community-led conversations to interviews with inspiring members of this community and everything in-between

This is the Collective.


Alright, here are the rest of the goods!

Creative Collective


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