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It’s so wonderful to have you here,

I’m both wildly excited and quite nervous—not because I don’t want to be, but because this feels like something I’ve wanted to “bring to life” for awhile now, and now that it’s here, I might be experiencing a bit of shock.

Though I walk you through the whereabouts in this video, I suggest that you take a look around for yourself! See what’s available to you, and after you’ve spent some time here, taking note of and letting me know if there’s anything you feel is missing or could be improved upon; that’s what this trial period is all about, fine-tuning so that when we open the doors for the entire community come January 2019, we’ll have made sure it is the best it can be.


welcome to your dashboard!

first, Let’s get to know one another…

get a lay of the land

here is where you’ll go to first, get a lay of the land, and then, refer back to if you ever need help with navigating around the membership.

familiarize yourself with our “focus” for the month

By reading & downloading our monthly poem, painting, and letter. Also found in our gift bag.

Discover the core of this platform

And gain a deeper understanding of the trajectory that we will follow here. Of course, that’s not without occasional straying.

this month we’re taking a look at our narrative around self

& what that looks like from the standpoint of,



Let’s take a look at January

jan 7-13

A video lesson that has us asking the hard questions, but hopefully while drinking tea & wrapped up in a cozy blanket.

jan 14-20

We’ll be diving into a podcast & post, where we’ll take the time to identify all the things that we wish to make room for.

jan 21-27

An interview (real Real Talk) with the incredible Rora, rooted in this making room for those things that fill us up.

jan 28-3

An on-going discussion & space where we can share recent ideas, projects, resources, little moments, or recent happenings.

 From conversations between all of us here, to interviews with inspiring members of this community, a gift bag full of discounts & other goods, and an archive reaching as far back as the eye can see.

This is the membership.


Alright, here are the rest of the goods!

Creative Collective


Gift Bag