October 25th, 2018: New Slippers, Membership, & Besides

October 25, 2018 MTL Letter

Good Morning,

It’s my favorite time of morning to be writing. Well, maybe about half an hour before this, but you see, I’ve been staying up later than usual and getting up while the moon is still out isn’t quite where my body is ready to meet me at.

So here we are, all the branches on the trees exposed as the candle sitting next to me serves no other purpose than ambiance. Which I’m absolutely ok with.

Yesterday I got myself a pair of slippers, something I don’t usually allow myself to do until my previous ones are filled with holes and in a very sad state indeed, while also picking up a new candle. Depending on how you look at it, totally unnecessary and I absolutely could have put my other pair through another year, but sometimes, sometimes those new slippers or that over-sized candle is going to provide you with a feeling that is worth investing in every now and again.

Now that we’ve moved through the pleasantries, touched on coffee, moon, early morning light, candles, and slippers, we can move into the nitty gritty. The week that was spent waist deep in planning for the launch of our membership program. Or rather, the trial launch. The period that I’m allowing for fine-tuning and hiccups to be worked through before we open the doors for all come January 2019!

It’s very exciting, all-consuming, and so far outside my comfort zone that the shore is barely within sight, but nonetheless, enough for me to feel so very certain of what I’m doing. Of what we’re doing.

Of the direction we’re headed; there’s so much room for all of those opportunities and adventures that I had either ignored, turned a blind eye to, or decided to write off as “there’s no way that can be done,” or “I don’t know how to do that!" It was exhausting to put such limitations around things. To keep myself so small, though I do realize that the timing of this has a lot to do with how it’s all played out, as a year ago today, there’s no way that I would have ever dared to wade through, let alone swim in, such uncharted areas.

I realize I use a lot of metaphors for these sort of scenarios, but I can’t help myself; it’s a way to explain the happenings while also leaving room for you to, if the moment provides, step into this feeling. A feeling that you may be experiencing (or have experienced time and time before) during your pursuits, setbacks, triumphant gains, and everything in between.

I’m also realizing that this drive and this push isn’t a forever thing, because without that rest and without turning inward a bit, I am unable to express and lean into the small part of me that at times, does feel extroverted and ready to take on the world. In short, I’m listening to my gut, stepping up when I feel that surge of inspiration, and settling back in when I need to recoup and decide my next moves. Even if in small ways, as really, it’s a great privilege to even be given the room to realize and think on such things.

There is still the feeling of morning, but now with an empty cup of coffee and a fully lit room, which does feel like the perfect place to leave you here today.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week & love to you always,