November 2nd, 2018: Monthly Membership Sign Up & Other Equally As Exciting News!

November Newsletter

Good Morning,

Well, it’s actually evening, which feels very strange, but also very intentional. You see, morning almost feels like a sacred time—though probably not in the traditional sense, but rather, more a Chloe-like perspective.

The thoughts have yet to swarm in like bees, as they do with a sun-soaked flower, hovering over everything good and sweet and lovely. Don’t get me wrong, I adore bees, but this is more of an example of what those thoughts, those negative looming and looping thoughts, feel like. They’re haunting, peeking there head around the corner every chance they get, and it’s usually after I have fixated on something a little longer than expected, or have actively chosen dance with, rather than politely decline the invitation.

In the morning, except for the rare (and un-welcomed) occasion, I’m without the chaos. It’s just me and those un-restricted thoughts. The ones that day dream about trips, are filled with excitement around recent projects and pursuits, and believe they can write a book—many books! These are the ones that I do my best to carry with. To, and despite the pushback at the other end, purposefully leave enough room for. Room that would have otherwise been taken up by hovering bees and unwanted guests.

So, this is why I’m writing to you now. This is why I have chosen to show up now rather than tomorrow morning, because tomorrow, and hopefully before the sun comes up and while the moon is still out, is when I plan to hunker under this new jacket, possibly the coziest thing ever made, and journal things out until I feel able enough to lead with thoughts that fill me up rather than drag me down.

Of course, with a coffee in hand. Though surprisingly enough, I have taken to downing an entire jar of water before my first sip of my life force. Unusual, and possibly not something I will always do, though it does help.

I’m also writing to you now because I have been rather consumed, and tomorrow looks like it will be another day of just that (all for a very good reason), though I am actively trying to change my work ethic, as it seems to have no start or finish. Drive is good, but so is rest; I think I’m just wanting to take advantage of this period where I am doing quite well—quite possibly fearful that it may slip away one day (oh those subconscious beliefs).

But I’d rather not think that, not now anyway, as I want to make sure I celebrate what has been done rather than what’s left to do. Annnnnd, I do leave for Denver with my cousin on Monday to scout out locations for our next event! Which is so very soon. Ahh! Can you believe it? Do stay tuned.

Also, take a peek below, as there are quite a few new additions/recent launches within MTL that I’d love to have you be part of.

As always, thank you for reading my ramblings.

Lucky to have you all here,

Chloe xxx