November 29th, 2018: Our Custom Stitch Logo Tee & Little Updates

November 29th MTL Newsletter

Good Morning,

There’s frost covering the roof of the house next door, their lights bringing attention to the sparkle and festive-ness that it brings. The room is still dark. The kind of dark that comes in around the corner of your eyes and creates a gentle blanket and softness, as if gently easing you into the day. I purposefully try to get up before the sun so that I can experience these little moments (there’s just something so magic about them), but sometimes I fall short and find myself in this light for only a few moments.

It’s nearly December, and last time we chatted it was leaning more on the side of early/mid November, probably right as we were getting back from our Trip to Denver, where we viewed the absolutely most perfect event space: Big windows that create a light and airy feel, a beautiful back garden (and chickens—what!?), long wooden tables, rustic sliding doors, and an apothecary to boot. I knew as soon as I walked in that this was it. That this is where we would hold our next event. Now, we’re just in the midst of making that dream a reality (I’m not allowing my thoughts to dip their toes into the possibility that it won’t happen there, it without question is).

Once we arrived home, there was a Meet Up to continue planning, which would (and this point, already did) take place at my favorite, favorite, favorite studio, Sunny Yoga Kitchen, a place I have talked about more than a handful of times, and with nothing but wonderful things to say.

That filled me right up and gave me every reason to be nothing but determined and motivated to make the next one as good as it could ever be, realizing just how impactful in-person gathering can be, and if more of them are had, there’s more opportunity for you to be able to be there.

Since then, we made a quick trip up to Vashon, Island (where I grew up), to gather for Thanksgiving and to help paint on the property that my grandma and parents are building on. It was wildly successful & I even managed to squeeze two books on tape in that matter of time (ok, more like 1 1/2).

As far as right now goes? Well, once could say things feel a bit like “mid-leap,” as I hover above the doings, tasks, projects, ideas, and on-going concerns that are inevitably part of building a business (building a community is one thing, but a business? That so far outside my comfort zone that it takes all of me to even make sense of it). Luckily, I have the unwavering support of my friends and family, which ends up making these pursuits infinitely more possible. Or to at least appear that way. I just have to keep reminding myself that I’m not alone. That none of us are in this alone.

And I hope that you know that, too. I hope you know that I’m right by your side, no matter how big the idea or difficult the obstacle—I’m right there with you.



Chloe O'NeillComment