November 11th, 2018: An Event You Don't Want To Miss & Other Happenings

November Newsletter MTL

Good Morning,

It’s a bit of a sleepy morning, especially seeing as the effort to reach the coffee that’s across the table is at an all time high, and you know that sloppy feeling your fingers get when you try and type with either cold or tired hand? Well, that’s kind similar to what’s happening here, despite the heat being on high and my coffee having been reached, now consumed, and another cup poured.

Not long ago, the sky was pink, and with just a touch of blue, there was a layer of frost covering what looks like the whole of the earth, melting only when touched by the soon-to-be-felt sun. There are quite a few things happening today, this week, and this month, even, so much so that it takes constant reminders. Constant reminders of letting myself know that no matter what I do or don’t get done, it will be ok. That I can still meet self-made deadlines without using every last drop of my energy.

That the sweetness in the air, can and should be felt by all, but only if we can take a moment or two, to stop and taste, feel, and see it. That the sunrises, pink skies, hot coffee, uplifting conversations, wildly exciting opportunities, and promising daydreams, are all there, just easily over-shadowed by the swallow-me-up tendencies that expectations, doubt, and fear bring with.

It can be all consuming if we’re not careful, but then again, sometimes our tendencies and habitual patterns make those moments harder and harder to see, more impossible to feel, and nearly hopeless with the bitterness drowning out any sweetness that lingers in our core.

Last night as I took a moment to write in my journal, something I normally only allow myself to do if I’ve awoken early enough, I made a few promises to myself. Things I would like to change, and not in the impossibly big kind of way, but the, “this is what I truly want to be doing” kind of way.

  • Loosening the grip around things (projects, people, ideas, places, moments) enough so that we can have some space. So that I can let them breathe and do there own thing, while I step back and celebrate what I’ve already done.

  • Setting limitations around how much I work, no matter the financial situation, as sometimes, almost all the time, the aftermath isn’t worth it, and the work that I do when running on fumes, on nothing-ness, isn’t the work I want to give to the world. Better to take a moment, if not an hour, to myself before returning again.

These are just a few, and though more will no doubt pop up, it feel important to start with the ones that have a tendency to consume my entire being. That leave me without the time or energy to notice those little moments that fill us up so. Like the coffee that has no doubt gone cold next to me, and the sky turned pink to grey, and now day.

It’s amazing how far a little promise (or two) to yourself to go. An unlike resolutions, where the expectations are often set high, these are small, subtle, achievable, and lasting changes. Changes that better bring you into the direction you’re already going, that you’ve been working so hard towards, just with a little more ease and lightness.

Alright, let’s dive into the happenings for this week! And my gosh are there a lot of them, so do stay with me.



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