May 30th, 2018: Smidgen Of Normalcy, Portland Adventure Recap, & Establishing Routine

May 30th, 2018 Newsletter

Good (very early) morning to all of you!
I contemplated getting up to write this in the morning (you know, more in-the-moment), but seeing as I'm setting off around 6:45am for Portland, to get my throat and voice checked out again, I decided against that plan and am instead curled up on the floor around 10pm, mind going a mile a minute, and most likely sleepy, though that's masked by the come-down from publishing the event post. 

There's been somewhat of a routine this week, which is new to these past few months, and I have to say I love it. I thrive off of it. Routine as in established "things" that happen every day. Simple things like drinking ginger tea before coffee and stepping outside while it's still cool. 

That's all it takes, and really, I could do that anywhere. Anywhere at all, but for some reason, there's a magic to it when it's done in your nest, your home, the place you wake up and fall asleep, that is if you're not camping, adventuring, or traveling -- like I have been doing as of late. 

And will be here again shortly, but let's save that chat for next week, as I am wanting to savor this "normalcy" for a little longer. 

Routine and organizing my thoughts, even if they are jumbled up a moment later, makes for a content self. You see, I have a planner, a bullet journal in fact, and for the longest time I used it half-heartedly, jotting all my to do's down in one spot, carelessly keeping track of finances (some might say, avoid), and writing down ideas here, here, and here, only to be lost again. 

But this last week, I spent an entire morning formatting it to my liking, to the point where it reminded me why I decided to start using one in the first place: there's that feeling of control again, and though I know these things are only temporary, I can tell it's something that will help immensely with my sanity & the expansion of More Than Lyme. 

Anyways, enough about that (lists get me excited). 

We got back from camping last night, taking the chinook (our little camper truck) out to Hosmer Lake, about an hour outside of Bend, and to our surprise, everyone had already gone back to their every-day lives after memorial day weekend, so we had the place all to ourselves! 

A full moon, delicious dinner, chorus of birds, blue hour, a mountain sitting just above the fog, and coffee in bed, all before heading back home, where I'd spend far too long editing, deleting, re-editing, changing, swapping out photos, and fine-tuning the Portland Adventure Post, before saying "enough is enough" and sending it off into the world. 

Which is where I find myself right now. Excited by the things headed our way, but also a little daunted. Daunted by and worried that I wont be up for it.

Except "I" should be "we," and we definitely are able and ready.

Until next week,
Let the packing of house, organizing of planner, and smidgen of normalcy continue!