June 6th, 2018: Transitions, Moving House, and a Month of Travel!

June 6th, 2018 Newsletter

Good Morning,

I'm looking out over our lawn, there's a bunny chewing on something (though stereotypical, I wish it was a carrot), and the tree that sits as lush, green, and low to the ground as ever, is as inviting as ever; as soon as I finish up a few video projects this morning, we're packing up the shop, my office anyway, as well as much of the decor across the house. 

The move in date to our new place isn't for a few weeks, but I'll traveling with my cousin Sean, and today, we (possibly ambitiously) thought camping would be a fun idea before heading west for said cousins graduation. 

Update: the sprinklers are now on, so the final-back-yard-coffee-drinking-session I thought sounded inviting, is no longer. 

Transitions are funny, and I often feel as if they happen all at once, or decide to drag on and on. These days, things tend to lean more towards the prior, and though I wouldn't necessarily call it "bad," it does make it harder to catch your breath between adventures or what have you. In fact, the other day I had to write myself a reminder before bed; a note that I would put on my computer, so that when I went to work in the morning, I'd be encouraged not to try do everything at once.

Because that's impossible, really, and without question, has never worked out. 

Despite my skepticism, the note helped, a lot. So much so that I decided to leave it out until the entirety of my office was packed up. Which may or  may not be in a few short hours, though I'm guessing the more likely scenario will a departure around 6pm--good thing it stays light so late!

Before I continue to ramble on, the next time we chat, it will be our first day in the United Kingdom. We're staying with family for the most part, though I'm tempted to jet up north for a quick tour of the isles. I'll keep you posted on what we decide.

I do hope you have a wonderful week!

Talk soon,