June 21st, 2018: Digging In The Archives & Hello Scotland!

June 21st, 2018 Newsletter

Hello All!

There's sun streaming through the windows of my cousin's flat in Glasgow, Scotland. Woke up this morning, made myself several cups of coffee, and for the first time since arriving here last week, we have absolutely nothing that we need to do today.

Yesterday we made our way from Cornwall to Brighton, then Brighton to Glasgow, and tomorrow we'll begin our trek northward, myself at the wheel, while Sean does his best to navigate the tiny backroads (luckily we're also sporting a tiny car, courtesy of my cousin, Jenny). I'm very much looking forward to this leg of the journey. There's just something about this place. 

Two years ago (roughly), I did a similar trip with Adam, with the exception of new sights and slightly longer drives, and while sipping on my coffee this morning, planning our route for tomorrow, I couldn't help but take a peak into the archives. 

Here's a snippet pulled from a sunny day back in May of 2016, during our month of travel.

"These are not breakdowns, these are very real moments that make you even stronger. Whether it's in the shower or in front of your friends, try to not apologize for it. Feeling deeply is not a fault, it's a human emotion that does not need an explanation.

You are capable, you are brave, and you are so much more than the illness or fears that hide beneath your skin. So go ahead, let yourself feel whatever it is you need to feel."

A necessary and ever-relevant reminder. 

We're off to find something to eat, exploring this neighborhood a little before coming back to continue our trip planning and work session. It was strange, I woke up with a feeling of "ick." Of "what am I doing and how am I going to keep doing it?" ("It" standing for a number of different things), but now, as this uneasiness makes itself comfortable at the pit of my stomach, I'm eager to figure out what "it" means.

Surely there has to be a reason, right? 

Talk soon,

Chloe xx