June 14th, 2018: Hello From England!

June 14th, 2018 Newsletter

Good Morning,
It's our second day in the UK and I'm just sat, coffee in hand, looking at the wind move through the trees; there's a storm outside, the morning plans have been canceled, and you can hear the doors and windows creaking throughout the house.

We're in Garforth, England, a suburb to the city of Leeds, staying with my aunt and uncle in a cozy brick house overlooking seemingly never-ending rolling hills.

I had every intention to write this yesterday, but with the time change, late nights spent catching up with family, and inevitable adjustment period (hello excuses), I'm facing a bit of resistance when it comes to falling into a routine of sorts. Not that I expect this routine to look as it does when I'm home, but in order to work while away, some kind of something should be in place. With room for adjustments and changes, of course, while soon realizing that figuring it all out isn't actually possible, and "everything" that "needs" to be done will most likely take three times as long.

Anyways, back to our travels...

From here, we'll head south to Brighton for a few days, preparing ourselves for the scenic (but lengthy) drive to Cornwall, and once that adventure is through, it's northbound, exploring as many of the Isle's and remote areas of Scotland as possible. 

Oy vey. I always seem to have a little more trouble with jet lag going this way, so I'll cut this email short, saving you from the never-ending ramble on what we have yet to do. Do let me know if there are any specifics you'd like to be covered in our weekly letters. Really, they're just an excuse to stay in touch outside of our normal social media-based hubs. 

But I want to make sure they're just as fulfilling for me as they are for you. 

Talk soon,
Chloe xx