July 19th, 2018: Home Again Home Again!

July 19th, 2018 Newsletter

Good Morning!

Well, safe to say it's been a month since we last chatted (when shaving off few days), and there seems to be an update, different than other updates, readying itself to be told.

In the waiting line one might say. 

Though I'm not entirely sure what this change looks like, I do know it's there, and that by ignoring it, I would only be doing myself, and all of you, a disservice. I will, however, start with today, and somewhat of what brought me to this shift and a space that I am just now beginning to call home. 

This last Friday we (my cousin and myself) arrived home from a month long trip, where we had set out to see as much of Great Britain as possible, which meant long days, 15+ hour car journeys, learning to navigate the other side of the road, all while sporting a stick shift. 

Our first taste of the winding and very narrow back roads was certainly a rude awakening. My method? Confidence: Believe you will not go over the edge was another car zips past, and you shall not (mostly). Never mind having visited, and even lived in this place for the majority of my 19th year, when you are assigned the task of navigator, the view changes dramatically.

In all the best kind of ways (a personal opinion, of course).

Anyways, there we were, zipping past sheep, small cottages, and tractors that took up the majority of the road, through the highlands, over bridges, and on ferries, eventually landing ourselves on the little Isle of Lewis, knowing as soon as we got there, that this would be our favorite place of the trip (bold decision, I know).

We felt at home exploring the lush green hillsides, white-white sand, and bluest of waters. More about this magical place can be found on the blog. 

From there, we repeated those steps I mentioned above, only backwards, arriving in Ayr, Scotland at my aunt and uncles house, and just in time for dinner. Once rested and caught up on sleep, we had to begin our journey southward (not the first or last time we would do this), to my cousin Jenny's place, of which we'd board a plane and spend the better part of the next week in Mallorca, Spain.

Pristine sidewalks pressed up against beaches filled with kiddos and parents chasing after them, we were met with sweltering hot days, lots of sunscreen, and waking extra early just to spend time in the cool-ish air, amongst the odd adventure, of course. 

Once that came to a close, we were back on the road, but this time by train up to Glasgow, where we'd catch up with another cousin of mine, then another, before heading back home. Home being settling, transitioning, and creating a space that feels like ours, alongside our family, who too are amidst big changes and all-consuming projects. 

Now, as I sit on my porch with a coffee in hand, I try and scoot over, giving myself just enough room to be curious in this very new and uprooted part of my life. Timely, as it has decided to settle itself between one amazing thing and another. 

A lot has changed, for one, my physical voice is getting stronger, and though I wish that was something I could celebrate off the bat, there's the 10+ months worth of baggage that I am needing to sort through. Also, who am I kidding, transitions and the act of letting go have never been done in one step.

But rather, leaps and bounds and endless amounts of patience. I would love to hear how you all have been getting on. Can you believe that we're nearing the end of July! My gosh. 

Talk soon,