August 23rd, 2018: What New & Exciting (& Completely Terrifying)?

August 23rd, 2018 Newsletter

Good Morning!

It's a busy morning, so much so that when I say I must make this quick, and definitely not the usual few paragraph I-promise-I'll-keep-it-quick updates. 

The past week has been filled with quite a few travel days, airplane rides, and driving back and forth between Bend and Seattle. And it's been during these in-between moments that I've had quite a bit of time to mull over and dive deeper into certain habits that I feel are hindering the way I deal with both personal and matters-of-business (including finances & putting myself out there). 

Diving into such matters do not feel light or necessarily easy to talk about, as they force to you face those parts of yourself that you'd maybe rather not acknowledge or talk about. For instance, I used 'not having much of a voice for 10 months' as a reason to remain small and unseen, and ok with just 'getting by' rather than thriving and being excited by all the amazing things I get to do and have the ability to do! 

That said, there are some big and exciting changes coming to MTL. Changes that instead of being small and barely seen, are terrifying and full of life, promise, and opportunities for all. Things that will allow for more freedom and room to expand without added stresses or never-ending to do's. Things that will be highlighting curiosity, adventure, in-person relationships, shifts in mindset, and the power of creativity and prioritizing the in-between moments. The often overlooked. 

Alright, the bustle around me as increased ten-fold, so this is where I'll leave you, as you see, we're in full on preparation mode for a party we'll be putting on in honor of my grandpa, Bob. Something that has been in the making for a good four months now, and will be taking place at our family compound, Maple Rock. 

With love,