October 11th, 2018: A Promise We Must Keep.

October 11th, 2018 MTL Letter

Good Morning!

I’m going to encourage myself to settle into a routine, of sorts, I think, as the window is cracked and the cool breeze feels like a message sent from the fingertips of Winter.

As exploration, adventure, spontaneity, and late nights have been scattered across the past six months, and to the best of my ability, I have fully embraced the ebb and flow. The being home only to pack bags and leave again. It’s been rich and full of endless excitement and change.

Change that has pushed me to shift negative habits, appreciate both big and small opportunities, and no longer keep myself small. Change that me stretching far beyond where I feel comfortable working, sharing, and moving from. In short, I am challenging myself to fully step into the opportunities that I have available to me, while making sure that I’m making room for those that don’t. For those that don’t have the same room to explore and discover.

Where I used to see a privilege as something that needed hiding, I now see it as every reason to scoot over and lend an arm, hear, hand, and embrace. To listen intently to all that I do not understand, and in turn, learning, absorbing, and then creating from the recognition that we all move in different ways.

It’s a practice, because saying that I suddenly was able to change the way I view the things I have accessible to me, would be wildly untrue and frankly quite unrealistic. A practice of openness. Of creating, listening, sharing, and being together without expectation or comparison.

A practice that I will no doubt fall short of now and again.

So, as I shut the window, admiring the frost brought by clear skies and ever-cooling temperatures from a place of warmth and routine, I am making a promise to myself to take these opportunities through travels abroad, conversations under the milky way, and car trips that always seem to last an hour or two longer than expected, and pay them forward.

Not fearing them or shutting them out because routine is often where I feel most safe, but to appreciate and squeeze every last drop of goodness that took place because of.

That wild-ness and those barely-planned adventures are the reason why I’m here, on this chair, looking out over the richness and color, and appreciating every second of it. Of these uncomfortable and seemingly always present changes.

Changes that you may certainly be feeling as well.

Talk soon & love to you always,