Make lasting connections,

Raise awareness, get creative, and be inspired by the person standing next to you by bringing the connections and friendships that we've made through our social media platforms, directly to a new city or town every year, with smaller gatherings in-between. 

Coming To Denver, Colorado

in spring of 2019

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the run down of our events

We're here to to form lasting in-person relationships with new and exciting ways to advocate for our health, all while spreading awareness and raising funds for Lyme Disease, and other invisible illnesses.

Through a day-retreat styled gathering, we will be encouraging those of us impacted (including loved ones, friends, or someone interested in being part of the movement), to put our dreams into action, share experiences, goals, ideas, and stories through a wide variety of creative outlets such as: 

  • Yoga and meditative practices

  • Writing and storytelling

  • Cooking and sharing meals

  • Painting, ceramics, or other classes and craft-based activities led by in-community artists

  • Holding discussions on topics such as: Daily wellness tips and tricks, getting diagnosed and what to do after, treatment options and doctors, communities to join for support, mental and physical health, diet and exercise, wellness + caring for yourself on a budget, as well as advocating and getting involved on a bigger scale.

from our past adventure in Portland, Or

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