We believe in the power of in-person connection.

That’s why we want to invite you (yes, you) to our event this spring, where you’ll be supported, uplifted, and inspired by others who know what it’s like to be presented with obstacle after obstacle. To feel unheard. To be told it’s all in their head.

No one should have to go through this alone.

The Denver Event


  • Saturday: 10am-6pm

  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

  • Monday: 11am-2pm


  • Our new space is in the Rino District: 3810 Williams Street, Denver, CO 80205 (We were originally at Fig & Yarrow, but because of some recent obstacles, we had to move venues).

  • Monday: We will be meeting at the “Trading Post Trail” trailhead at 11am the 13th following the event for a little outdoor adventure with our two speakers, Hannah & Al. More details will be found in our upcoming outline.

Main Ticket Options

*UPDATED INFO: behind the scenes footage for our digital pass holders will be available soon!



Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Full access pass to three days with the More Than Lyme Community. The first two days are at our venue, while the last day we’ll be getting outside.

  • Meals, snacks, and refreshments throughout (allergies taken into account).

  • Lasting support, inspiration, & community

  • Receive a gift bag filled with goods from in-community and local artists.

  • Participate in inspiring activities & projects led by in-community advocates, leaders, and world changers

  • BTS photos & footage from the event



The Digital Pass

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • BTS photos & footage from the event

  • Receive a gift bag filled with goods from in-community and local artists.

  • Coverage of all the activities, speakers, including any downloadable worksheets from the event

  • An opportunity to share your story


Alternative Ticket Options

Sponsor a ticket

Have a brother, sister, mom, cousin, or friend of a friend with Lyme or a Chronic Illness that you think would benefit from this in-person community support? Upon purchase & exchange of specifics, I will then send a virtual letter (of which you can decide what it says) to the person of choice with the ticket included.


The Payment Plan

Wanting to make this happen but have to take finances into account? Here you’ll be able to do just that by splitting the payment up over a two month period. To do so, either click the button below, or email chloe@morethanlyme.org & we’ll get it set up right away!


Paid over a two month period (x 125 each month)

An Overview

We're here to form lasting in-person relationships with new and exciting ways to advocate for our health, all while spreading awareness and raising funds for Lyme Disease, and other invisible illnesses.

Through a day-retreat styled gathering, we will be encouraging those of us impacted (including loved ones, friends, or someone interested in being part of the movement), to put our dreams into action, share experiences, goals, ideas, and stories through a wide variety of creative outlets such as: 

  • Yoga and meditative practices

  • Writing and storytelling

  • Cooking and sharing meals

  • Painting, creating vision boards, jewelry making, ceramics, or other classes and craft-based activities led by in-community artists

  • Holding discussions with activity leaders (you can find out who they were at the last event, here) on topics such as: daily wellness, creativity as a tool for bettering our mental and physical health, getting diagnosed and what to do after, treatment options and doctors, the importance of connection, story telling, and the outdoors, mental and physical health, diet and exercise, caring for yourself on a budget, as well as advocating and getting involved on a bigger scale.

The Meal Plan:

There will be nibbles & bites, refreshments, and tea throughout, as well as little sweets, a lunch both Saturday & Sunday, and a “happy hour” on Saturday, but don't hesitate to bring snacks if you think you'll need them! There are only shops close by that you can grab things from.

You can find more specific details on what food will be like by visiting our outline from the Portland Event, where we go over meals and dietary restrictions.


Though they will not be provided, we will be discussing housing possibilities and the option of rooming with other people attending the event in our Facebook Group, MTL Adventures. 

A Few More Details

Have questions? We have answers! FAQ.

For our Nondiscrimination policy + agreement, click here.

lastly, Thank you so much for being part of this. These would not happen without all of your support…

And it has been such a pleasure to get to know all of you in-person! I can’t wait to meet more of you.