Saturday, March 3rd: 9 am - 7 pm

Sunday, March 4th: 9 am - 5 pm

At The Mark: 101 NE Morris Street. 

Portland, OR 97212


Instead of looking at everything that we don’t have, at the More Than Lyme Adventure, we’ll be celebrating all that we already are, what makes us that way, and how we can encourage more  of those facing Lyme Disease, or any other chronic and/or invisible illnesses for that matter, to create rich and plentiful lives for ourselves, friends, family, and this amazing community, all while doing what we love…

What makes us feel alive,

What makes us capable, curious, strong, and empowered.

What makes us more than…   


The event will be taking place over two days, and those two days will be filled with the following activities, all of which are led and facilitated by members of this community:

  • A Meditation led by meditation and mindfulness facilitator, Jennifer.

  • We’ll have the option to participate in a pottery based activity, led by artist and ceramicist, Marion.

  • A community discussion panel on the importance of creating, sharing our story, getting outdoors, and so much more.

  • An activity with new-media artist and founder of The Unsent Project, Rora.

  • Discussions facilitated by photographer, director, and outdoor enthusiast, Kate.

  • A special performance by the very talented singer and musician, Maria.

  • A tea bar, where you’ll have access to locally made alternative mylks, as well as different tea blends and adaptogens throughout the entire event.

  • Meals + snacks made by my incredible mother, Cory, as well as many other helping hands.

  • A self-care practice, put together by in-community creative, Ina, using her very own 100% natural + handmade products.

  • A Polaroid booth, where we can document our time together.

  • Gift bags filled with little treasures made by members of this community!

TAKE NOTE: Ticket sales close on the 23rd of February, 2018!

Breakdown Of Days


March 3rd, 9 am - 7 pm

9:00/9:30 am: Welcome! Grab yourself some tea and your gift bag, while getting acquainted with the space and people! We’re so glad that you’re here…

  • An introduction and a few words from Chloe, which will lead us into a group meditation facilitated by, Jennifer.

  • Marion, of The Village and Co., will be guiding us through a pottery class, where we’ll have the opportunity to create something of our own to take home.

12:30/1:00 pm: Lunch! Be sure to head over to the tea bar and/or polaroid booth while you wait 

  • An activity/discussion with Rora, a new media artist from California, and creator of The Unsent Project, which will then move on into a discussion around…

  • Creativity, adventure, healing, and what being more than means to you. A conversation that we can continue as we make our way into…

5:30 pm: Dinner! This is a time to connect further, share stories, and simply enjoy each other’s company and the space, while making use of the Polaroid booth and tea bar.

7:00 pm: Now let’s all get some rest and we’ll be seeing you tomorrow! 


March 4rd, 9 am - 5 pm

9:00 am: Welcome back! Make yourself comfortable, and grab whatever you might need for our first activity

  • A special performance by the in-community artist, singer, and musician, Maria.

  • A discussion with photographer, director, creator, and adventurer, Kate.

12:30/1:00 pm: Lunch! Be sure to head over to the tea bar and polaroid booth while you wait 

  • We’ll be having a self-care discussion, an activity led by artist, business owner, and Lyme advocate, Ina.

  • A discussion panel (using questions from the discussion notebook — see below) with members of the community, where we’ll have the opportunity to ask each other questions around wellness, advocacy, mental health, and other such things.

  • A final meditation led by, Jennifer

5:00/5:30 pm: Saying our goodbyes, exchanging information, and making sure we have everything we need before parting ways and heading home. Until next time! Thank you all so much for joining us.


*PLEASE NOTE: None of these activities are mandatory, so if you’re needing to take some time for yourself or rest, please be sure to do that! And you are always welcome to go for a walk, sit aside with some tea and snacks, or whatever else feels right!

*THE DISCUSSION NOTEBOOK: Will be out and available to you at all times. Here, you can ask (write down) questions and bring up topics that will be taking place during our discussion panel on Sunday. That way you can be part of the conversation without needing to physically speak in the moment. I know that at times, this can be daunting for me.

Activity Leaders



Kate is a photographer, director, and adventurer in Los Angeles, CA, as the founder of Sanctuary, a camping and outdoor experience with intention. 

She’s enthusiastic about the outdoors, culture, travel, art, and human connection.  

Kate was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2015 after suffering for 15+ years going undiagnosed. During those 15 years, Kate experienced extreme pain, insomnia, and brain fog which she complained about in countless doctor’s offices. The diagnoses came back varying: Endometriosis, IBS, and the infamous, “it’s all in your head.” Kate found the majority of her healing in Flagyl, herbs, ozone therapy, AND the great outdoors.

It’s her drive and passion for the outdoors, a fascination with the human condition, and a curiosity that urges her to investigate the experience of being alive, that has led her to where she is now, living a life more than through connection with the outdoors, and all that goes with it.

She has a way of drawing you in through vibrant stories and colors unlike any you’ve seen before. Since I first stumbled across her work, I’ve been in awe of the life she has created, the people and places that help make it so colorful, and how she chooses to live a life more than by incorporating heavy doses of the outdoors — in whatever form she can get.

By leading with example, Kate encourages other to use the outdoors as a way to help heal, inspire, and nurture those parts of us that can so easily be broken down by chronic illness, mental health (on the list goes), and her case, Lyme Disease. 

With that said, we could not be more excited to partake in a discussion with this incredible woman at the first ever MTL Adventure. 



Jennifer is a meditation and mindfulness facilitator in Missoula, Montana. 

As the former creator and co-facilitator of the Missoula Pain Management Group, and public speaker on mindfulness in chronic illness, she is dedicated to spreading awareness of Lyme Disease while promoting a healthy and supportive Lyme community. 

Jennifer helps set the tone for a healthier, greener, more joyful and compassionate way of living and eating by pairing her meditation and mindfulness practice with her professional culinary background in raw vegan cuisine and current graduate work in the Environmental Studies program at the University of Montana. 

She contracted Lyme Disease and co-infections over 11 years ago, and is mom to her teenage son, and fellow Lyme Warrior. 

Jennifer is More Than ready to live happily in the here and now.

It’s true, every time I engage in a conversation with Jennifer, she has a way of blanketing everything in calm, patience, and a this-is-possible-despite-what-you-may-think mentality, something I that I am so grateful for, and I know I’m not the only one who believes this to be true. 

She is ambitious, generous, and always mindful of the space and people around her — being someone that has only observed this through social media, I am eager to see the impact of presence while facilitating a meditation at the first ever MTL Adventure.

Jennifer, we are so lucky to have you, and truly cannot wait to hear more of your story and what has brought you to where you are now. 



Maria is a 23-year old doctoral student studying clinical psychology at George Fox University.   

Some of my favorite things include mental health advocacy, storytelling, and performing music for strangers. The happiest moments in my life have happened when I've pushed past my comfortable limits: Moving to a new country or state to follow a whisper of a calling, conquering a hike that I thought my body couldn't handle, and finding connections with others in surprising ways.  

“For me, "being more than _____” means being more than that voice that doubts. 

Sometimes insecurity is dull and quiet and easily brushed aside, but sometimes it's bellowing and overwhelming, yelling "you are not enough!" Lyme disease has been a huge part of that voice in my life. There's so much I want for myself in this life, and so much I expect to do and achieve, but I have had to learn how I can use my energy in a way that honors my body. I think each of us is more than that voice of doubt. I think with a little bit of grace and care, we can pursue our passions and find we are so much more than “enough.”

Some of the most creative, ambitious, and vibrant people I know are those within this community. Those shaking things up and causing a stir in the Lyme world and beyond.

Without a doubt, Maria is one of those people. Advocating for herself and others, while prioritizing art and her craft, knowing that not only does this bring her joy, but it encourages others to also find that thing…

That spark, drive, and fire that keeps you going, even through the tough times. 

And in turn, being able to channel that frustration, pain, anger, or whatever it is you might be feeling, into something that is going to resonate deeply with someone else — one of the greatest gifts we can give. 

Thank you, Maria, we are truly so excited to have you be part of our first in-person meet-up.



Rora is a new media artist based in California. Creator of The Unsent Project and Chronic Illness Reimagined…

She produces conceptual and interactive artwork that is defined by striking colors. Her art merges the worlds of art and social media. 

With her art, and specifically series, Chronic Illness Reimagined as Something Glamorous, featured both on her website, as well as More Than Lyme’s, she hopes to show that just because an illness cannot be seen does not mean that it is not there.

“Being more than Lyme means having the courage to give yourself what you need. 

Sometimes that means canceling all of your plans during the day to give yourself rest during a flare-up. Other times it means waking up an hour earlier to accomplish something you know will make you proud of yourself. I think both of those things take courage. It's all about having balance and honoring what you need most.”

It was only a few months ago that I began chatting with Rora, and oh my gosh am I glad we did. 

I was introduced to her project, Chronic Illness Reimagined as Something Glamorous, by way of email, having no idea until diving into her website further, that she has already carved out an incredible platform of her own, using love and colors, to share stories that so often go unheard. 

Having these unique perspectives and creatives coming together to celebrate each other, was something I never thought could be organized, but thanks to incredible people like Rora, her dedication to this community, and personal take on what it means to be more than, here we are. 

So, thank you. Thank you for being part of this movement, and for helping to shed light and hope on an otherwise dark corner of the health world. We certainly are lucky to have you, and I cannot wait for everyone coming to this adventure, to meet the lovely, Rora Blue. 



Ina is a creative entrepreneur and founder of Skin Care Line, Ina Dayle.

After graduating with her BFA in fashion design, Ina worked as a designer for 3 years before having to take a step back because of the health issues she was facing. 

It was when she found herself bedridden and facing a Lyme Disease diagnoses, that she began to build her business, Ina Dayle. Ina Dayle is a completely natural skin and hair care line that uses only organic ingredients and pure therapeutic grade essential oils. 

It was after realizing the many benefits that these natural products hold for both our mental and physical health, that she began to find even more creative drive behind not just her business, but in being an advocate for others who are facing similar situations, specifically revolving around invisible illnesses and wellness. 

This gal, she holds this community close, spreads a seemingly impossible amount of hope, advocates for herself and others, is always encouraging those around her to make the most of the little moments, all while running a business and making sure that you, you, and you (myself included), feel loved and supported. 

It’s a truly incredible thing to watch, and I’m so honored to bring all of that into this event. Ina, thank you for sharing your heart, for reminding us all what it means to be more than, and taking the time to give, even on the hardest of days. 

It’s moments like this. Moments when the final pieces are coming together, that I realize just how much of a team effort this really is. Because without each other, none of this would be possible.

So thank you, Ina. Thank you for helping to bring it all together. 



Marion and her daughter Lenah, are the hands and heart behind The Village & Co., a small batch pottery studio in WA with a big batch vision.

A native German with a background in Veterinary Medicine and homeschool education, Marion, and her two kids turned to pottery first as a creative, healing outlet during their early treatment phase of Late stage Lyme disease which they are all fighting.

They soon found their simple, functional pottery a great way to start sharing their passion for bringing people together to share food, conversation, and inspiring simpler, more intentional living.

If you’d like to know more about their vision for encouraging village life-like community, their goals to spread Lyme awareness and resources, how they give back to Lyme, or why Africa is in the picture? 

Go ask, or find them at The Village & Co., they'd love to tell you more.

“Being More than Lyme means to breathe, finding joy and stepping forward for myself, my kids, and those needing encouragement. It means to finally understand the brokenness in my story living a life undiagnosed, and to embrace it with love and grace, as I choose to thrive and the kids and I change our stories.”

When I think of what Marion and her daughter are doing, I think of the phrase, “why not now.” Why not take that dream and turn it into something that gets you out of bed in the morning. Of course, there will be the inevitable obstacles, especially when facing chronic illness, but there will also be the triumphs — the oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-believe-we-did-this moments. 

The right moment, the moment when everything falls into place, it might not come, but lucky for us, we don’t have to wait. We can make small steps, and even steps backwards, toward fulfilling our creative drive. Our seemingly out of reach ambitions. 

They’re possible, and The Village & Co., is proof of that. It truly is a beautiful thing, to be witness to all the incredible businesses and endeavors this community is taking on, and we sure are excited to have Marion joining us to share a little bit about what it means to be more than.

Event Made Possible By


For their endless support and encouragement. Without them, More Than Lyme would not be something I ever would have pursued. Why? Simple. They are who first showed me just how much more than I really am. 


Because of your dedication to this community, this is all coming together, and no matter how daunted I feel by the whole thing, when I turn to you, I know that this, that whatever it is you want to do with this life of yours, is possible. 


A partnership that we felt sure of from the beginning. What’s their role? Well, along with a portion of our ticket sales going to their cause to further awareness, education, research, and availability of treatment for this disease, there will be the option to help support all that they do on behalf of this community. 


We almost have too many people to name! But I’ll give it a go. Elli Doran, who will be taking on the role of photographer, Peacelynn Perilloux, who will be our videographer, as well as help from Adam Mckibben, for little things that one might not even notice, but are of the utmost importance. 

And of course, my mom, Cory (and most likely many members of my family), who will be providing colorful and delicious food for all of us to enjoy. That, and the advice for these meals from the amazing, Ivy Grzybowski and Jennifer James. 

Amy of aMYLK, will be providing us with a selection of carefully, and with lots of love, handmade alternative mylks, all of which will be available at our “tea bar,” where we’ll be using tea blends, made by Teri of the T Project. Both of whom are local to Portland!


You will find a wide variety of goods, all made by in-community artist, some of which will be attending, while others making their presence known from afar. I will, of course, be including their information in the gift bags, so that you can follow along on their adventures and support the incredible things that they’re doing! 


Financial and logistical advice, encouragement, and enthusiasm, was something I could not have gone without. Jamie, my incredible brother, was always just a text or phone call away, provided this sense of “we’ve so got this,” again and again. Sometimes we’d even chat at 6:30 am, just to go over little details that I couldn’t seem to get my head around the night before. 

He was always there, and always ready with the right words. Maybe it has something to do with living together for 18 years or the fact that we operate in completely, but very complimentary ways, but without him, I certainly could not have thought any of this possible. 

Non-Discrimination Policy & Agreement

More Than Lyme is committed to bringing together individuals impacted by Lyme Disease to create a positive community connection while fostering meaningful in-person relationships through shared experiences and health advocacy. Because our community includes people from diverse backgrounds and identities, More Than Lyme is dedicated to creating a safe environment where all of its members and guests feel welcome and treated with respect no matter who they are, where they come from, how they worship, and whom they love. Because of this, we ask that all involved with the More Than Lyme Adventure treat all of our community members and staff with the inclusiveness and respect necessary to promote a safe and healing environment. 

By attending the More Than Lyme Adventure, you are agreeing to help create a safe space for all of our diverse members. Anyone who participates in or condones discriminatory and/or harassing behavior towards any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law will be asked dot leave to ensure the safety of our group. 

At More Than Lyme, we love all of our members equally and maintain that a safe environment is necessary to promote healing and togetherness. 


Making sure that you are well fed and taken care of is of utmost importance, and we will absolutely do our best to do so by offering a variety of different snacks and meals for you to choose from. 

It should be noted, that because some of you are paleo, while others vegan, we will be meeting somewhere in the middle with more plant-based options and vegetarian spreads for all to enjoy, as well as cheeses, breads (with and without gluten), nuts, fruit, for those that aren’t working around a specific diet, and plenty more plant-based snack and meal options. 

However, if you want to make sure that there will be food that you can eat or an allergy that might need more explaining, do reach out and let us know. We want to make this work for you as best we can! 

Closer to the event, once we transition from meal planning into meal making, we will be creating menus and detailed descriptions of everything in each dish, that way you will know exactly what you can devour, or avoid. 


EMAIL: chloe@morethanlyme.org + morethanlyme@gmail.com 

IG + TWITTER: @morethanlyme


More Than Lyme, and do join our ‘More Than Lyme Adventures’ Facebook group as well, where we will continue to talk details and ask questions around this, and future events. 

Please do reach out if you have any questions at all! And do note, if there are any changes made to this outline, I will make sure to update it with all current information. 


The event doors will now open at 9:00 am (not 10:00 am), and our first meditation will take place between 10:00-10:30, before that there will be a quick introduction from myself (Chloe). 

If you do not feel like you can get to the venue by then, send me an email before hand letting me know you’ll be late and I will leave the door open and you can join us whenever is best. Do note, that if you arrive during our meditation, either join in, or grab yourself a tea, your gift bag, and make yourself comfortable until it’s finished. 

Can’t wait to see you all there!