What's this all about?

Well, at the Portland Adventure we had discussion notebooks... 

I didn't know what would come of them, and I had no expectations around their outcome, but to my surprise, they were filled with questions and topics both simple and very complex. Things that are, on occasion, brought up, but I thought it might be fun (not sure if that's the right word use, ah well) to bring them up more, together, and not just at meet ups and bigger gatherings.

To be perfectly honest, I don't know what will come of this, and that's ok...

But why don't we give it a go and see where we end up?

Discussion Forum

Privacy: Upon submitting the forum below, the only information that will be received is the message and topic. No email or name is attatched, unless included in the context. 

discussion format

After a month of submissions, I will go over the questions, bringing some of topics up with all of you (that feel more group inclined), while recording and compiling the information into a podcast-like format, as well as a blog post, so we can have the option of keeping a visual archive of the things we've covered. Oh, and there might be videos slipped in here and there.

Really, this is just the root of the original idea, with plenty of room for expansion, shifts, and changes.

*Of course, all of your personal information (name, email, and what not), will be kept private, unless otherwise specified.