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Where we celebrate, support, and encourage our own unique ways of facing and moving through hardship, trauma, and illness, by putting the emphasis on listening, storytelling, and back in the power of community.

so, how does this work & what does it entail?

Weekly live chats, interviews, and encouraging tidbits

Inspiration through a monthly focus, mediation, poem, and painting

Stay supported & connected through our Private FB Group

Discounts, interview archives, and regular goodies.

BONUS: Behind the scenes footage of our 2019 event

$7.99/monthly after your 14 day free trial

$7.99/monthly after your 14 day free trial

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here is simply a place to expand from.

Here is where you take all of your goodness, all that you have to offer, and make it part of something bigger than yourself. Make it part of a community of people doing the exact same thing:

Figuring out what it means…

to live a life more than,


 so, what are we doing and why are we doing it?

The motive and drive behind this membership & the foundation from which we will move from.


By discovering our narrative around self.

Often rooted in the things things we think we can or can’t do. The “I am no enough’s” and the identity we give ourselves based on the limitations we’ve run into over the years. When do we feel like enough, how can we bring more of that to the surface?

Acknowledge and ask ourselves the hard questions.

Who do we identify as & how does that play a role in what we’re able to do right now instead of later? What are our limitations and how can we work with/through them instead of against? 

Identifying what you wish to make room for.

You know, those things that fill you up? That feed your curiosity. What are they rooted in? How do they make you feel? 

Getting out of your own way.

Now it’s time to make room or those things you love. To put the “I am enough’s” and “I am capable of’s” at the forefront of everything you do; no matter how impossible it seems, I know you can do this. 

Giving yourself permission to re-write your narrative around self.

To better suit where you are now, by taking the narrative that we’ve been telling ourselves, and either re-framing or re-writing our story to meet us where we are rather than where we think we should be. 


this month our focus is


where we’ll explore What it means to create—What do you find yourself daydreaming about & how can we bring that to life?

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Yearly Overview through the lens of our monthly focus


January 2019: Listen

Sit back and make room to hear the stories within this community, without comparison, but rather, a simple sense of understanding & gratitude.

February2019: Invest

Identify and make room for those things that allow you to share your voice from a place of power and change instead of lack and fear.

March 2019: Imagine

While acknowledging and honoring the limitations in front of you, make sure you leave room for your imagination to run wild—where does it go? What do you find yourself day dreaming about?

April 2019: Create

Without expectation—what is brought to life? When you make room enough for it, how does it positively impact your life?

May 2019: Celebrate

Celebrate those things that you are able to bring to life through creating without expectation, coming from a place of “I am enough” rather than, “I won’t ever be…”

June 2019: Receive

Allow yourself to receive love from not only yourself, but those around you. See what happens when you let go of that control. Of making sure everyone is ok.

June 2019: Receive

Allow yourself to receive love from not only yourself, but those around you. See what happens when you let go of that control. Of making sure everyone is ok.

July 2019: Adventure

Ask yourself, what does adventure look like to me and how can I make more room for that in my life?

August 2019: Express

Fully, even if at first, they’re in small ways, and see what comes of it.

September 2019: Learn

From yourself just as you do from others, there so much power held in past experiences and stories told.

October 2019: Cultivate

What is something you’ve always wanted to do but have never done? Go ahead and try it, even if that means taking a step in that direction.

November 2019: Resilience

Where do you feel your strongest—what are you doing? And where do you feel you weakest—what do you pull from in order to pick yourself back up again?

December 2019: Dedication

To yourself, to your community, to the bettering of the world simply by making sure you’re showing up as your truest self.


Let’s take a peek inside

at our creative hub, monthly interviews, weekly focus & content, and our discussions, all rooted in what it means to be more than.


When you get inside you’ll find…

A Monthly Poem, Letter & Painting, all available for download (*note: they make great phone backgrounds).

The Creative Collective is our Private FB Group. A place for connection, inspiration, and on-going conversation.

Live Interviews with members of this community every month & an archive to boot.

Foundational videos that you will always have access to, as well as an archive full of event footage, interviews, past content, adventure videos, and more.

Weekly content, rolled out in the form of video, audio, or live check in’s.

A Gift Bag, Discounts, behind the scenes footage of our second annual event, Meditations, and whatever else comes up!

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Thank you for stopping by,

So excited that you’re here! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Love, Chloe

PS. Our paintings & artwork are all by my amazing cousin, Jenny O’Neill.


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