Update: we are now releasing our weekly content, live within our facebook group.

Always on Tuesday’s at 11am PST, unless stated otherwise.

They will be 30 minutes long & we’ll cover the highlighted topics below (made live on March 12th), while staying rooted in the monthly theme & the foundational steps of this membership.

Though the video themselves will not appear here (as they did before) you will be able to access them in our FB Group, where they will be titled by month and by week.

Hello & welcome back!

It’s week two of our new set up (weekly live content instead of pre-recorded) and I am curious as to how you feel about it so far? I know I have mentioned this before, but I am grateful that you all are here as this evolves and takes on a shape that we can all feel really good about.

A shape that fits us best right now. At first I thought I would be able to have it all figured out at once. That I had the outline structure for the membership and that was that, but now that we’re four months in I’m eager to apply, change, and continue to create content for you in a way that feels far different than when we first started.

I am eager to (but also patient as I know these thing take time) to have resources available to you that can be used as a means of inspiration, support, encouragement, or reason to step back, whenever you might need it.

So thank you. Thank you for being part of it and there it truly no place I’d rather be than here with all of you! It also should be noted (and might go without saying, but I’ll no doubt say it anyway), that I am always open to ideas if they ever should pop up.

Now, on to the happenings of this week.

When thinking about our theme for the month (imagine), I’ve found it challenging to even leave room for imagination and what that looks like to me. Or I suppose, I’ve noticed just how much I like to fill empty space or time that could be spent dreaming up something amazing, with to do’s and little tasks that don’t necessarily need to be done right then.

I think I do this as a coping mechanism—and it makes sense, right!? I mean, dreaming and letting your mind wanter to those places that aren’t here can be terrifying, especially when our lives look and feel so very different from that space. I think I’ve convinced myself that I can’t have both.

I can’t be taking care of myself and working.

I can’t be taking care of myself and dreaming up amazing things.

I can’t be taking care of myself and________________(whatever it might be).

That if I’m going to work, I need to be all in, even if that means neglecting what might be going on internally and entirely dedicating myself to the tasks at hand. It’s interesting because I’m aware of this. I’m aware of when I overwork or overextend myself.

I’m aware of how that feels.

But still, this idea that lightness and imagination only have a place in my world when everything else is either set aside or perfectly in line—it’s silliness! There IS and ALWAYS WILL BE room for both. It just might not seem like it, especially when we are insistent that things are and need to be a certain way (completely guilty of this).

We might have to adjust how we approach or look at things, which will take time. That will most likely not happen all at once, but it is possible to shift our mindset enough to allow room for more than one “thing.”

Every day we have this choice, in one form or another, and often times I think it’s so small and so subtle that we might skip over it, but I’d like to take a moment to give ourselves every reason TO notice those ways in which we can catch ourselves when we’re fixating on something that we can let go, thereby allowing room for other such things to take place.

And most likely, we know what those things are! For me, it’s writing, making videos, preparing a garden for Spring, daydreaming and brainstorming about ideas I have for MTL, just just skimming over them, telling myself that I can’t do them right now because of A, B, or C.

In our live chat this week we will cover:

  • The problem with imagination & where we might get hung up on the details

  • Identifying those things that we tend to fixate on & why that might be

  • Re-defining what “letting go” means and why it shouldn’t happen all at once

  • Ways we can care for ourselves alongside everything else we might have going on

  • Resources that can be used to help move through the above (ones that both you use, I use, and brainstorming what else might be helpful!)

here are the resources that I mentioned in our live chat

have you had a chance to listen to our meditation this month?

If not, you can access it here!