First, Did you know that we now have a monthly meditation?

It’s led & created by Annie, founder of Heal With You.

Second, we will now be releasing weekly live content within our facebook group.

Always on Tuesday’s at 11am PST, unless stated otherwise. And on 3/5 that will be at 11:45am PST instead of 11! (Accidentally scheduled another call at the same time, silly me.

They will be 30 minutes long & we’ll cover the highlighted topics below, while staying rooted in the monthly theme & the foundational steps of this membership.

Though the video themselves will not appear here (as they did before) you will be able to access them in our FB Group, where they will be titled by month and by week.

For instance, “March, Week One, 2019.”

You can find them on the main group dashboard, or by heading to the videos tab (should be on your left if you’re using a computer). And if you have questions, I’m always here to answer them! Just send me an email (, click “contact” down below, or send a DM).

Week One, “the written overview”

I encourage you to think about these things as we move through the week. I mention that I have been listening to our monthly meditation since yesterday, and I would love for you to join! I think it will really help to bring us closer to what IMAGINE means to us individually and as a collective.

Also while being kind to yourself because it is never straightforward and there may be some uncomfortable feelings that come up, just keep going to back to the what and the why, being sure to stay rooted in that feeling by maybe asking, “where am I and what am I doing when I feel most like me? & how can I bring more of that into my life without feeling like the ultimate to do is five million years away and I will never get there?

It might seem silly and obvious, but taking it one small step at a time, allowing yourself to sit with and move through in a way that works for you, then celebrating when you’ve accomplished something, seeing it as one step closer to those bigger goal, or goals, that you have.

Most importantly, I don’t want you to feel like I’m here to tell you how you should do something or move through something, I just want to make sure you’re given space and support enough to do so.

Alright, here we are at Week One’s life chat overview!

Where’ I’ll briefly touch on some of the things that we’ll be going over in our 30 minute live chat.

  • Why Imagine & what does it mean to you?

  • Narrative around health & what we tell ourselves we are or aren’t capable of.

  • The ever-evolving, you.

  • The kind of self care that might not first come to mind.

  • Expectations & control and how what they can crush curiosity.

Watch our live chat!

See you over there,