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They will be 30 minutes long & we’ll cover the highlighted topics below (made live on March 26th), while staying rooted in the monthly theme & the foundational steps of this membership.

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Hello all!

And just like that, we have reached the last week of March, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I have quite taken to these weekly updates, they feel much more candid and much more me. That’s not to say things won’t change, but for now this seems to be working and that’s all that counts.

Though I am always open to suggestions! So just let me know your thoughts on these blog-styled posts.

With Spring under way, there seems to be some kind of shift happening, and if you were to ask what it was exactly that caused this shift, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. I suppose somewhere between now and the light evenings, open windows with a bouquet of daffodils swaying in the breeze, and little weekend getaway to Portland, where the flowers were putting on quite a show.

I mention this shift while also taking into consideration that things could shift the other direction at any moment. That everything it temporary, even those blissed-out-in-the-spring-sun moments. Actually, especially those moments, because the best ones are often times the most fleeting. I think that’s part of it, actually. I think I’ve been noticing more of the in-between moments recently, which you have definitely heard me talk about before. And though I’m a huge fan of them, more often then not, I skip over. I don’t make time for. I leave it all until the very last minute, and by the time I’ve had a moment to pause, I’m too tired to notice.

The ups and downs of this past month. The way I’d feel impossibly defeated and helpless against the ever-growing list of things I had to do, both in the realm of taking care of my body and work, got to be too much. So I didn’t stop. I skipped right over all the best parts. I drove myself into the ground. I cried, a lot. I screamed, threw pillows, and screamed into pillows when I wasn’t trying to make a racket. Looking back, I’m not sure I could have stopped myself even if I tried. I think I need to hit a wall, and then another, and another, before realizing that maybe pausing, even if for a moment, isn’t a bad thing.

And you know, saying all of this now, I’m not sure if Spring was what brought on this shift, but I can’t help but think it played a part in it, after all, I started to notice a change in my mindset on the 20th of March (1st day of Spring), which also happened to be my grandpas birthday, and the full moon. Essentially, emotions were running high and I think the way things lined up that day, I was finally able to let myself feel them without being overwhelmed.

This also correlated with conversations with my family on how I could scale back on work and what small changes I could make in order to not fall back into old habits.

So there were a lot of overlapping things, but the biggest takeaway was most certainly letting go of control. Lessening the grip. Allowing things to fall wrinkled and unfolded, not always grabbing the nearest (metaphorical) iron and straightening it all out for a blissful five minutes of wrinkle-free headspace. And I don’t want to convince myself that I am done with the overwhelm and done with the anxiety, because I have no doubt that other situations will come up. That I will no doubt work too hard or not take care of myself as I should, always putting off calls to doctors and the scheduling of appointments to the very last minute.

But I will allow myself to find comfort in know that it’s only temporary (as my favorite singer/songwriter Ella Vos would say). That even the best of the best of the best moments are still just moments. That when I’m crying my eyes out and can’t seem to make sense of anything, it’s only temporary. It will pass.

It sounds so cheesy when I say it, but it sure as heck helps to remind myself, again and again. And do yourself a favor and go listen to this song by Ella before diving into the following idea/questions. I promise you won’t regret it, and if you can, close your eyes and listen to the lyrics closely. I have a feeling you’ll find some overlap.

Curious, how have you been feeling? How has March treated you? I think it’s rather ironic that the theme for the month was imagine, as that felt like quite possibly the hardest thing to do, to imagine anything other than what I was facing in the moment. But these flowers and those little shifts, I can feel that more room is being made, so maybe, just maybe, it was about making room for your imagination.

The first step of many, because gosh knows it can’t all be done at once (and trying to do so, which is exactly what I did, rarely works out in your favor).

So, with all of that said, here are a few things I’ll be going over in our live chat!

  1. The role that “imagine” played this month & why my resistance towards it has taught me some of my greatest and most impactful lessons.

  2. What does a shift in mindset feel like and how can we make more room for them to take place, even when (and especially when) physically we aren’t doing so well.

  3. What it means to let go of an expectation you have of yourself, both mentally and physically

  4. Two sides of imagination, and why we need a little bit of both to balance it out (hint, not letting it become an expectation and trusting that you already have all the tools you need to get to where you’re going).

  5. And finally, which is not something I normally do but it feels right and because it doesn’t need to be January first in order to set intentions, to set 3 lasting and sustainable intentions for the coming months.

Would love to have you join me live on March 26th at 11am PST, and if you’re unable to make it, it will live in our FB Group video section forever and always. Will directly link that here after it’s been recorded as well.

Talk soon & lots of love!