And just like that, here’s week three!

Probably one of my favorite weeks to release content for, and that’s not because I don’t believe in the things we go over in week one, two, and four, it’s just that this week, we get to divert our attention and let ourselves be inspired by someone else! And right now we’re lucky enough to have that be Rora Blue, a new Media artist from California, currently spending time with her family after a year of traveling around the US and Canada working on a few new projects

For those of you who were at our last event, you’ll remember the conversation that we had with her there, and not only did she recap some of her story, but we were lucky enough to preview and be part of some of her work, followed by an activity rooted in The Unsent Project, which is a collection of over 34,000 unsent text messages to first loves. However, instead of first loves, we did self love. Rather, a love letter to ourselves.

During our chat this week, we hear what first encouraged her to begin creating in this way, the impact she hopes to have, how we process, where we retreat to, mental and physical responses to fear, places that take us out of negative space, where we recharge, travel vs. stability, isolation, not making the room to listen to yourself, building a foundation within yourself, what your body needs and how to pay attention, believing in yourself, how you can be both broken and strong, sharing the full story, why it’s called “more than lyme” not just “more than,” privilege and guilt, how we represent ourselves, perspective, exploring the relationship between color and emotion, the ever-evolving relationship with Lyme Disease, emotional grief, and so much more. 

I’d also like to note that it’s very much a conversation rather than an interview, and I have to say, I’m pretty sure Rora asks more questions than I do her! Which really just says a lot about her character and how she hopes to show up to the world. 

By discovering all the ways in which we can begin to make more room for listening, whether it be internally or externally, how that relationship changes from day to day, and how we can better adjust when those changes arise, I’d like to start off by relating color to emotion. By taking what Rora has created, and extending it into our day to day. 

  1. If you were to come up with a color for the word, listen, what would it be? Once you’ve done that, what do color do you imagine January to be and why?

  2. What areas in your life (physically, mentally, etc.) might need more support, and areas feel strong enough for you to make room so you can create that net to fall back on? 

  3. How do you listen with others share their story? How do you listen to your own? 

  4. What is the feeling you get when someone says they believe in you and what power does being heard hold? What power does sharing and expressing yourself hold?