Foundation Series.

 so, what are we doing and why are we doing it?

This is the motive and drive behind this membership & the foundation from which we will create from. Though a lot has changed since creating them, the core of why we are here remains the same. We’re here for ourselves and each other. We’re here to be reminded of all that we can do instead of can’t.

by discovering our narrative around self.

Often rooted in the things we think we can or cannot do. The “I am no enough’s” and identity we’ve given ourselves based on the (great many) limitations we’ve faced over the years. Asking ourselves, “when do we feel like enough, how can we bring more of that to the surface?”

acknowledge and ask ourselves the hard questions.

Who do we identify as & how does that play a role in what we’re able to do right now instead of later? What are our limitations and how can we work with/through them instead of against? How can pose these questions in a way that feels productive rather than impossible?

identifying what you wish to make room for.

You know, those things that fill you up? That feed your curiosity. What are they rooted in? How do they make you feel? And how can we begin to make more room for them to play a bigger and more impactful role in your life?

getting out of your own way.

Now it’s time to make room or those things you love. To put the “I am enough’s” and “I am capable of’s” at the forefront of everything you do; no matter how impossible it seems, I know you can do this. 

giving yourself permission to re-write your narrative around self.

To better suit where you are now, by taking the narrative that we’ve been telling ourselves, and either re-framing or re-writing our story to meet us where we are rather than where we think we should be.