Hello wonderful human, let’s dive into week two, shall we?

What do you invest in?

How do you invest? What do you feel comfortable investing in?

What don’t you? Why do you think that is? 

What is one thing you want to invest in right now and why?

Unearthing those things that are in the way of those things that we wish to do for ourselves and those around us is one thing, but actually making them happen. Actually pinpointing what they might be, especially when it feels like your mind is already at complete emotional capacity, is another. 

That’s why we don’t rush in. We don’t add on the pressure and the to do’s and the things that you have to create or figure out before you get a sense of that purpose, we simply take one or two things, things that sit deep in our gut and continually, even if we don’t at first realize it, remind us of who we are, and bring them to the forefront. 

I’ve had a bad habit of turning good habits into bad habits. Into to do’s. Into things that I went in knowing that they were good for me, but became all consuming. Became almost like a chore. Like I thing I had to do before I was able to accomplish anything else. 

For example, I have been mediating regularly for about three months, right around when I began to write more consistently, and move my body more. 

Right away, and because of the nature of who I am, I put an immense amount of pressure on all of these things. I created an environment that could be so incredibly uplifting and life-changing, and turned it into a mantra of “I am no enough unless I do A, B, and C.” I did, however, quickly realize what was happening, going back and realizing that having had limitations for much of my life, whenever there was a window of opportunity to dive back into those things I love, I didn’t know how to ease in. I didn’t know how to breathe through the process—ironically speaking as yoga and meditation are all rooted in just that: taking a step back, showing up exactly as you are, and breathing deeply through it all. 

Now, after some reevaluation, I beginning to show up to my day, asking myself before I even take a sip of coffee (which is a huge deal), “is this really what is needed right now?” “Is this really where I wish to invest my energy and time?” Realizing how truly lucky I was that I could even be taking the time to ask myself such questions. To invest in myself in these ways. 

But just know, the investments don’t have to be grand and they don’t have to be considered a challenge. You can show up to them each day and see how your relationship with them feels, and when you’re met with resistance, be curious as to why that might be? What about it makes you uncomfortable? Are you still exhausted from the day before? Whatever it might be, honor and adjust. 

Write for five minutes not half an hour. Stretch instead of do yoga. Sit on your porch in the sunshine instead of going for a walk. Or even just open your windows. Call or text a friend instead of meet up for coffee. Donate 1 dollar to a movement or organization of your choice instead of ten. 

Investments can take on many different shapes and forms. They can be whatever it is we need them to be in that moment. And when we better invest in ourselves, we more freely and easily do the same for others, sometimes without even realizing it. 

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