As I write this to you, I’m sitting in a big fancy house somewhere in the hills of South Lake Tahoe, CA, singing along to incredibly cheesy top hits as the snow continues to fall, heavy while also light, silence drifting over your thoughts, creating space you didn’t know existed. 

This month where focusing on investment, as you most likely already know. There have been times during this month that investing in myself is that last thing on my mind. There have been times when I’ve wanted to turn a blind eye to every breakthrough or moment worthy of celebration. There have been times when I’m suffocated with negative self talk, barely able to make conversation as we peruse the grocery store, aimlessly wandering the aisles as I do my best to choke back more tears. 

The why behind the anxiousness? I have no logical explanation or reason, but I do know know of a few important things, that especially come to light after my chat with Hailey. 

Connection & community, and taking the time to invest in both of those things. 

It can be terrifying, starting a conversation or reaching out to someone new. It can be terrifying to tell someone that you admire how much you admire them. It can be terrifying to step out of your own way enough to allow for some-such-thing to take place.

The hardest part is making the room for it, but once it’s there? Once you feel that support? You’ll know immediately why—you’ll know why you even bothered in the first place. There will be no need to explain or try to make sense of. There will be no need to try and be anything or anyone other than who you are right now, whether that be holding back tears or belly laughing with your best friend.

Anyways, I didn’t mean to ramble or go on about this and that, but when I think about it. When I step back and ask myself why I’m doing what I’m doing. Why I’m getting uncomfortable, reaching out, and having these conversations, it’s all rooted in the same old thing. It’s all part of the investment that we’re willing to make in ourselves and others. 

It’s part of the bigger picture. It’s part of the picture that’s rooted in a feeling that may never be able to fully be explained.

In my conversation with Hailey, we cover everything from finding a home to redefining strength, the challenges you face and how you choose to face them, making room to feel, the knowledge we’ve gained and how it mostly comes from others (another reason to invest in community and connection), courage, showing up for yourself and others, and what advice your younger self would give you right now, instead of the other way around. 

Amongst other side-tracked rambling that hold equal importance. 

So this week. This week I encourage you to reach out to at least one person that you’ve pulled or continue to pull inspiration from. One person that you’d love to get to know, and even if nothing comes from it, just know the impact your words are having on them, because as small as this gesture might feel, it is surely more impactful than you ever could imagine. 

And most importantly, think about what it means to invest in yourself and others, no matter what you’re feeling or how many obstacles this day holds. There is no wrong way & I want to make sure you feel comfortable moving through it however works best for you. 

Lots of love,