When you think of the word, invest, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

What does investing in________mean to you? 

What feelings come up with you think of investing in yourself? Why do you think they’re there?

Are there things you don’t want to do for yourself because you don’t think you’re worthy? 

That you want to do for others but can’t find the time, resources, or energy?

Often times it can be paired with a guilty feeling. A feeling that latches itself onto the idea that you aren’t worthy of whatever it is. Of kindness, friendship, community, adventures, education—even health. That feeling can also take on many different forms, pushing you this way and that, eventually further away from where it is you had wished to go. 

Sometimes that can feel like a lesson learned, while other-times it can feel as if you have a barrier up around you that you aren’t able to break down. That the list of things you’ve told yourself you can’t have, can’t do, can’t be, seem to just keep piling up. It’s exhausting. It’s picks away at our self confidence, at our self worth. 

I can’t say that there is a “fix all” solution, but I can promise you that those little shifts that might be terrifying to make? Those gentle nudges from yourself, those you love, and the world around you—the way you read that thing or watch that movie at the exact time you needed to, and suddenly that feeling of “I’ve so got this” is right back where it wants to be: at your core. 

It’s not always straightforward, either. Some days facing our obstacles and asking ourselves questions that get us to start that thing or let go of something toxic and draining, is attainable and feels somewhat fluid, while other days the best we can do is show up for our day, without a plan or any sort of expectation. In a world full of so many unknowns, one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is investing in ourselves. 

Investing in community 

Investing in a friendship

Investing in five minutes in a patch of sunshine

Investing in a tea date with ourselves

Investing in a movement we find always seems to lift us up and remind us of our why.

Investing in a paintbrush and paints.

Investing in a simple little three dollar notebook. 

Investing, it has the power to be the furthest thing from selfish, and the guilt that you’re worried you might feel, that’s perfectly ok. Just keep reminding yourself that those weighted feeling are coming from the story that we’ve been telling ourselves for years and years. Through the hardships and obstacles. The lasting friendships and the broken ones. The anger and the frustration that our bodies can be such a mystery. 

We have all the tools that we need to create a new story, and not from where we think we should be, but from where we are, with the messy emotions and the beautiful ones. With the positivity and the heartache. With the adventures and the days spent in bed. This moment is ours to invest in, no matter how that looks. 

Sending all my love to every single one of you,

Chloe xx