1. (Feelings Evolved) Describe how you saw yourself before being diagnosed with lyme, during the process, and after living with the disease for awhile (present day). Have the feelings towards yourself changed over time? If so, how?


2. (An Active Mind) When you're feeling at your worst, where do you pull inspiration from, and how do you keep yourself moving forward? 


3. (Creativity) It's important that we keep doing what we love while fighting Lyme, even if it is that much harder to do. What are some of your favorite ways to tap into your creativity? And how do you think these creative outlets have helped you heal?


4. (The Reality of it) When you're feeling your worst, what goes through your mind? What emotions take over, and how do you feel? Then, the hardest part: how do you overcome the pain, reminding yourself that you're worth the fight?


5. (Change) Sure, there's the endless list of downsides when it comes to fighting Lyme Disease, but what are some of the good moments and feelings that have come of it? And how do you think those things have changed who you are today. 


6. (Words of Truth) Now, this question will be asking a lot of you. And I mean A LOT. But when it comes down to it, this will be the kind of thing that will make a difference in the lives of thousands of Lyme fighters. // Make a short video (a minute and under) of you telling those people who have given up hope: Who you are, how you feel in this very moment, but why you choose to keep fighting this crazy disease.